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N.Y. Gov. Cuomo: President Trump Is “Fully Engaged” On Coronavirus Crisis; “Very Creative And Energetic”


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo praised the president’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak during a press conference Wednesday, saying “we’re fighting the same war… we’re in the same trench.” “He is fully engaged on trying to help… He’s being very creative & very energetic and I thank him for his partnership.” Cuomo said Trump was doing a “really good job” and specifically praised him for sending a U.S. Navy hospital ship with 1,000 beds to New York.

“It has about 1,000 rooms on it. It has operating rooms, and the president is going to dispatch the Comfort to us,” Cuomo said. “It’s an extraordinary step, obviously. … It’s literally a floating hospital, which will add capacity and the president said that he would dispatch that immediately.” “We’re in the same trench, and I have your back, you have my back, and we’re going to do everything we can for the people of the state of New York,” he said. “His actions demonstrate that he is doing that.” “Society has to function,” he said. “I understand that this is a burden to businesses. I get it. I understand the impact on the economy. But in truth, we’re past that point as a nation. There is going to be an impact on the economy.” “We’re going to have to deal with that crisis, but let’s deal with one crisis at a time,” he said. “The crisis at hand is a public health crisis. Once we get past that, then we’ll deal with the economic crisis.”

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