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Navarro: China Spawned The Virus In Weapons Lab, Hoarded PPE, Now Trying To Steal Vaccine


White House trade adviser Peter Navarro reacts to Dr. Bright’s testimony as President Trump works to secure PPE stockpile. Navarro called Bright a “deserter in the war on the China virus” and condemned the communist country for spawning the coronavirus and profiting from it.

HARRIS FAULKNER, FOX NEWS:  All right, and then I want to talk about China. We got to get to it.   PETER NAVARRO:  Yes.   FAULKNER:  Go ahead.   NAVARRO:  He’s complaining, basically, that he — he knew it all, and we weren’t doing anything.   Well, guess what? From February 2, when I exchanged some e-mails with him and had him over to this office, and we worked with HHS, we were able to accelerate all of these things, vaccine development, therapeutics–   FAULKNER:  Yes.   NAVARRO:  — and now, on behalf of this White House, at the direction of this White House, and so the idea that this White House wasn’t moving as fast as it could from January 30, when the president took that courageous decision.   So, this — this is politics. This is a disgruntled Obama employee on the Hill–   FAULKNER:  I hear you on that.   NAVARRO:  And Eshoo, when I hear her talk about blaming the Trump administration, and letting China–   FAULKNER:  OK.   NAVARRO:  — China off the hook for bringing this pandemic down, this plague upon the world–   FAULKNER:  That’s where I want to go.   NAVARRO:  — that’s wrong.   FAULKNER:  Let’s scoot to that.   And, by the way, the HHS secretary, Azar, was with the president just a short time ago before they were headed to Pennsylvania, and said some of the same things about what some of those meetings with Dr. Bright were like. And he’s on the Hill testifying his version right now.   Let’s get to this. Tensions between the U.S. and China, Peter, they are growing over COVID-19. The president says Beijing cannot use the pandemic as an excuse to walk away from their phase one trade deal.   Let’s watch that together.   (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)   TRUMP:  They’d like to renegotiate the deal. We’re not going to renegotiate.   Look, I’m not happy about anything having to do with that particular subject right now.   MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  Have you spoken to Xi Jinping?   TRUMP:  I have a very good relationship. But I just — right now, I don’t want to speak to him.   (END VIDEO CLIP)   FAULKNER:  Peter Navarro, the president doesn’t want to talk with China’s president. What’s happening?   NAVARRO:  Well, let’s go through the timeline.   November, China spawns the virus, probably in that weapons lab in Wuhan, hides the virus for two months behind the shield of the World Health Organization. As it does this, according to their own data, they vacuumed up all of the PPE across the world, including from here, basically hoarded it, kept — kept it from our doctors and nurses in Milan, in New York, and everywhere in between, killing people because of that.   And then, afterwards, they are basically profiteering now from it.   And here’s what frosts me, Harris. This should frost every American. Right now, the hackers from the Chinese government are trying to steal the vaccine information, so they can make it first and they can lord over the world in terms of manufacturing.   FAULKNER:  So, Peter, what are we going to do about it?   NAVARRO:  Well, what are we going to do about it?   What we need to do right now, and what I’m focusing on is making sure that we make stuff in America. This is the jobs president, the manufacturing president, the innovation president, and the onshoring president.

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