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Off-Peak Shopping Initiatives – Buehler’s Fresh Foods is Offering ‘Best Time to Shop’ on its Website (TrendHunter.com)


The COVID-19 pandemic is seeing consumers augment their daily lifestyle drastically to limit their interaction with one another, which is being supported with new initiatives like the ‘Best Time to Shop’ feature from Buehler’s Fine Foods. The chart will now be available on the retailer’s website in order to help customers determine the busiest and slowest times at the supermarket chain’s various locations. This will allow customers to strategize when it’s going to be easiest for them to practice physical distancing at the store and still pick up essentials.

CEO and President of Buehler’s Fine Foods Dan Shanahan spoke on the initiative and other new measures saying, “The state of Ohio has requested that we help space the business out by limiting the maximum number of customers allowed, posting it on our front door [and] then making sure if we hit the maximum, a queue is spaced 6 feet apart outside. We applaud that request and think that in addition, Buehler’s ‘Best Time to Shop’ will help to spread the business out even further, without making people wait in line outside. Limiting business at peak times is also naturally regulated by the number of carts, hand baskets and parking spots that we have in our stores.”

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