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Pelosi: Democratic Nominee “Will Have Our Wholehearted Support”


When asked whether the Democratic party would rally behind presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders (I-VT) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the party’s gospel is “unity” and that they would support “whoever the nominee is.”

QUESTION: Right, and your agenda, though, differs somewhat from Senator Sanders’ agenda. You’re not advocating, for instance, Medicare for all. PELOSI: That’s right. QUESTION: So, I’m wondering, do you believe Senator Sanders’ agenda is mainstream? PELOSI: Well, I think Senator–healthcare is the most important issue in the campaign. There are three issues: healthcare, healthcare, and healthcare. That’s why part one of our agenda and how we won the election last time was to lower the cost of healthcare by lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Second was to build bigger paychecks by building the infrastructure of America in a green way, and the third was cleaner government. On the first two, I think we can find some common ground to work with the administration. On lowering the cost of prescription drugs, I hope so. Building infrastructure of America, I hope so. Cleaner government, not so. But that’s where we are. Now, it’s not unusual for the party platform or the candidates for President to have their own agenda that they would put forth, and it’s not unusual for the House of Representatives to have its agenda as well. We have to win in certain, particular areas. We’re not about a popular vote in the country or in particular states in terms of the electoral college. We are district by district, and that’s how we won last time. We demonstrated that we know how to win. Our impetus in that victory continues. The momentum is there to help us win other positions as well. When we win, we put everything on the table, have a discussion, and see where we go from here. But it’s not about causing any division as we go forward. Unity, unity, unity. Whoever our nominee is, we will support with respect for his or her positions and hopefully with their respect for our positions as well. So, we have made a decision to win, and as I said to the members, if you make a decision to win, you have to make every subsequent decision to win. No friction, no nothing. Just stay on the path to victory. Because it’s so very important. Our country is a great country. It’s a great country. It’s so resilient that it could even withstand one term of Donald Trump. Two terms, and the damage that he’s doing to the rule of the law, of the court system in our country, the air our children breathe, the denial of–of climate and the rest, just time will take a toll. So, it’s absolutely essential that we win. Whoever the nominee is will have our wholehearted support. Unity, unity, unity. We’ve made a decision to win.

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