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Pelosi: Trump “Slapped Science Right In The Face” By Bringing RNC To White House With No Masks


NANCY PELOSI: We passed the bill on May 15th. At that time, Mitch McConnell pressed the pause button. He said there was no reason for us to do anything. Since that time, 4.6 million more people have been infected. Four-and-a-half million more people have been infected, and 96,000 more people have died. Thank you for your pause, Mitch McConnell. Too bad you didn’t tell the virus to pause. OK, so we have engaged in these negotiations, but just look at it this way. What further evidence does anyone need that this president doesn’t care less about the spread of this virus than to see what he did, vandalizing, by the way, the White House by bringing all those people there, no masks, no distancing, and the rest? He slapped science right in the face. And what a bad example that was. So, if we’re going to succeed in negotiations, we have to look to the science. Dr. Jha has told us over and over that we need three million tests a day. That’s what we have in the HEROES Act. But they just won’t do it. They won’t take up a strategic plan to do that. They won’t do state and local government, which is so essential to our heroes, hence called the HEROES Act for health care and first responders and sanitation, transportation, teachers, teachers, teachers, food suppliers, and the rest. So, we have a real problem here, because they will not — they do not understand the gravity of the problem. They refuse to accept the science and what science is advising. And, hence, we have this situation where we — I think that what the — what Donald Trump is saying to the American people, because now we’re coming into school this week, kids are going to school and the rest.

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