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Pence: Time For Democrats In The House And Senate To Step Up, Reach An Agreement


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Joining us live now is Vice President Mike Pence.   Mr. Vice President, I know you’re busy. I — we do appreciate you taking the time to be with us and update us.   First, I want you to comment. Look what’s happening in the Senate.   MIKE PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You bet, Sean.   HANNITY: You know, they want to put more restrictions at this time on the airline industry. And they want to help unions. And let’s see. What else are they doing here?   Oh. Oh, they want, let’s see, wind and solar tax credits. Now it’s about the New Green Deal, instead of helping families, people, American citizens, small business, everybody that is struggling? You kidding me?   PENCE: Well, Sean, what I — what I can tell you is that it is time for Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives to step up, reach an agreement, and pass the Care Act.   The president has made it clear from early on, as I made clear to governors today in our latest conference call, where we are working with Republican and Democrat governors across the country.   You saw the decisive action President Trump took yesterday with major disaster declarations in New York, California, Washington. We are building field hospitals. We’re moving out Navy hospital ships.   I mean, we are working seamlessly with governors across the country. And up to this point, on the first two bills the Congress passed, we saw a great spirit of partisanship.   And as the president said tonight at the briefing, we are still hopeful, maybe before the day is out tomorrow, that we will see Democrats come together with Republicans and pass a bill that will provide immediate financial assistance.   The average family of four will receive a direct payment of $3,000 to help them weather the storm. There will be payroll support for small businesses around America to be able to carry their payroll even while their businesses have been closed by the scourge of the coronavirus.   There will be the kind of resources to support the major industries, like airlines and hotels, that have been so deeply impacted, through no fault of their own, because of the coronavirus, and the proper measures that they and every American are taking.   But it really — it really — this really is a moment where the American people, the American people want to see the Congress come together.   And I spoke to a member of Democrat leadership tonight on my way home. My hope, I think the president’s hope is that we will work out the final details, we will get this thing on the floor, we will speed relief to the American people, and the bill will stay focused right where it should be.   And that is on helping working Americans’ families, businesses across this country weather the storm of the coronavirus.  

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