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Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego: FEMA Feels Like They’re “Declaring Victory While We’re In Crisis Mode”


Phoenix, Arizona Mayor Kate Gallego told ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday that Arizona ended its quarantine lockdown too early:

MAYOR KATE GALLEGO (D), PHOENIX, ARIZONA: We opened way too early in Arizona. We were one of the last states to go to stay-at-home and one of the first to reemerge. And we — reemerge that zero to six. We had crowded nightclubs handing out free champagne, no masks. Our 20 to 44-year-olds, which is my own demographic, really led the explosion, and we’ve seen such growth in that area. We’re seeing a lot of people go to large family gatherings and infect their family members. We are in a crisis related to testing. Was visiting a testing facility this weekend, people waiting still eight hours. It’s really, really difficult. I’ve been spending time begging everyone from Walgreens to open up testing, out of state testing companies to come in because it’s awful to see people waiting in a car, while you’re feeling sick, people were running of gas, and this is as many months in. We’ve asked FEMA if they could come and do community based testing here. We were told they’re moving away from that, which feels like they’re declaring victory while we’re still in crisis mode. RADDATZ: And Mayor, do you think a stay at home order should be given? GALLEGO: Our governor has preempted us from closing different types of businesses or moving restaurants to take-out only. We really want as many tools as possible. We had to beg to be able to implement masking orders. We were originally preempted from doing that but I’m thankful the governor did allow cities to put masking orders in place, which I think will help. If you’ve seen some of the data from communities that had them, masks do slow the spread and can be important. Also to indicate to us that we are still in a crisis and have to take this seriously. I think when nightclubs were open, it sent the signal that we had, again, defeated COVID and, obviously, that is not the case. RADDATZ: And many mixed messages coming from all over the place. Is that a problem? GALLEGO: It is. President Trump was in my community, chose not to wear a mask, and he’s having large events while I am trying to push people that you need to stay at home and that events with more than 10 people are dangerous per the Centers for Disease Control.

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