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Plant-Based Rice Bowls – CAVA is Now Offering RightRice at Its Restaurant Locations (TrendHunter.com)


CAVA, a Mediterranean culinary brand that provides a fast-casual dining experience, has expanded its healthy meal options with the inclusion of RightRice, a low-carb rice that’s made almost entirely from vegetables.

In addition to being low in carbohydrates, RightRice is also high in fiber and full of protein. As an easy-to-use meal base, it also makes it easier for consumers to include more servings of vegetables in their diets. Although it tastes similarly to rice, RightRice contains chickpeas, green peas, lentils, and just a small amount of rice. When dining at CAVA restaurants, consumers can choose to include RightRice in a bowl of their choice, or take advantage of its new menu addition: the ‘Chicken + RightRice Bowl.’

CEO Brett Schulman spoke to the brand’s shift, stating “After looking at a variety of rice alternatives, RightRice was the only one that delivers on the taste and nutritional profile we were looking for and uses Mediterranean ingredients and flavors we love. We are honored to be the first national restaurant partner for RightRice, and we intend to continue expanding our plant-based menu to meet our guests’ needs.”

Image Credit: PRNewswire / CAVA

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