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Playful At-Home Editorials – The Ones 2 Watch ‘On Camera’ Series is Captured by Ted Min (TrendHunter.com)


The Ones 2 Watch ‘On Camera’ editorial is captured by photographer Ted Min who collaborates with the publication’s editor Rosie Daly. Styling and beauty for the series is by Justin Henry with casual wardrobe picks like colorful knits, vintage-themed outerwear and patchwork denim featured.

Spotlighting both menswear and womenswear pieces, On Camera celebrates clashing prints and layered looks that are ready for autumn. The effortlessly cool series is captured at home starring models Paris Bishop. Dylan Latchford, Ayuol Manyok and Geron Nord.

This editorial’s relaxed, at-home aesthetic correlates with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing efforts which have inspired many major fashion labels, publications and photographers to find creativity in the midst of uncertainty. In addition to FaceTime photoshoots and self-shot model campaigns, examples like this series spotlight a moody at-home aesthetic that many can relate to while stuck inside.

Image Credit: Ted Min

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