Home Video President Trump: “Congress Must Replenish The Paycheck Protection Program Immediately”

President Trump: “Congress Must Replenish The Paycheck Protection Program Immediately”


President Trump urges Congress to allocate more money for the Paycheck Protection Program loan/grants to businesses to help them make payroll during the coronavirus shutdown.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: To ease the economic pain of millions of American families, we have now processed $300 billion in loans to more than 1 million small businesses through the paycheck protection program. This action has saved millions of American jobs. It’s been an incredible success and they want to replenish it now, but again, the Democrats don’t want to do that. This is money that goes to the workers of our country. Phase 1 was $350 billion and now, phase 2, we want to do 250 billion. This goes to workers. And it goes to small businesses so we can save all the small businesses around our nation. Mike McFarland from Nebraska recently said this historic relief has been a godsend for his small factory and the 136 Americans who work there. Save those jobs. Another small business owner, Tim Miller from Oklahoma called the program a total lifesaver for his auto repair shops. For employees. Stories like these underscore why Congress must replenish the paycheck protection program immediately. The Republicans want to do it. They want to do it immediately. They want to do it now. And the Democrats are stopping it. A short time ago, CDC issued public health guidelines for critical industries. In a few moments, agricultural secretary Sonny Perdue will elaborate on how these guidelines apply to our nations dedicated workers in the food processing profession, because it’s a profession. It’s incredible what they do. Food processing and they’re keeping our grocery stores full. The shelves are not bare like the shelves that I inherited when we took over the stockpile. The medical stockpile where the shelves were bare. The cupboard was bare, I say. Tomorrow, I will also be leading a call with elected officials who will consult as we work to restore our economy to full speed and we really think with all of the stimulus and all of the pent up demand, we’re going to have an economy that really comes back quickly and would like to see it more than match what we had before. What we had before was a miracle and we think this is going to be even more than American. We’re going to do it because we have the greatest people in the world. We’ll also be speaking to America’s governors tomorrow and then we’ll be announcing exactly what’s happening. You arty know will be opening up states. Some states much sooner than others and rethink some of the states can actually open up before the deadline of May 1, and I think that that will be a very exciting time indeed.

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