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Rahm Emanuel: Michael Flynn And Roger Stone Embody Trump Admin’s “Culture Of Corruption,” Lies


Former Obama chief of staff weighs in on the Michael Flynn case Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” roundtable:

STEPHANOPOULOS: But, Rahm, you just heard what Chris Christie said about the Obama Justice Department and the hits it’s taken this week. RAHM EMANUEL, FORMER CHICAGO MAYOR AND ABC NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Look, George, all of us on this show know there’s a rule, you lie, you die. That’s the rule when it comes to the FBI. And — and, in fact, on December 2, 2017, President Trump said the reason he fired Flynn is because he lied to the FBI. It’s a jury of one. That’s what it is stated was. And the fact is, you cannot lie. And this is now up to the judge to as whether we’re going to be a country of laws or not. Unfortunately, that’s where the burden is. This is an unprecedented decision. And the president got something out of this, and we should be clear, two case, his ability to destroy the reputation of intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies, and his ability to have somebody else make a decision because he knew full well if he hadn’t (ph) made this decision, he would own the consequences of upending a prosecution and a conviction. So I think, in this situation, what happened with Flynn, if we’re going to all that — both Flynn-Stone case, and you look at the culture of corruption in this administration, and I think one of the issues is — will be coming out over the next seven months, is the issue of a culture of corruption, whether it’s this case, whether what’s happening over at HHS and the health department and how contracts are being awarded, what’s happening with the relief funds and how — who’s getting contract, you will see a growing issue of a cultural of corruption. And it starts at the top because the president has a history of not telling the truth and actually lying when it comes to his benefit. And he’s actually imbedding that into the law with what he’s doing with both Stone and Flynn, that it’s OK to lie on behalf of your political goals. CHRISTIE: Hey, George, (INAUDIBLE) — STEPHANOPOULOS: Alexi McCammond, we’re just about out of time, but, quickly, you — “Axios” is — STEPHANOPOULOS: Go ahead. ALEXI MCCAMMOND, NATIONAL POLITICAL REPORTER, AXIOS: Go ahead, George. CHRISTIE: George, it start — it does start at the top, George, because — STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, I just — CHRISTIE: When you have FBI leadership like Jim Comey and what they did, that’s what’s now being uncovered. And Rahm doesn’t attempt to defend any of that at all and I’m glad he doesn’t because that conduct has been outrageous. It’s been outrageous by prosecutors in the Justice Department and outrageous by the former leadership of the FBI that Chris Wray is now cleaning up. STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, we’re — as I said, we’re just about out of time.

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