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RCP’s Tom Bevan: “Trump Is The Underdog”


RealClearPolitics president Tom Bevan on Wednesday talked to FOX Business anchor Connell McShane about polling and the state of the 2020 presidential race. “Big picture, I think Trump is the underdog,” Bevan said. “If you look at the national polls and some of these state polls, that if the election were held today, the odds are given all the information we have available to us, that he would probably lose. But the election isn’t being held today or tomorrow, it’s four months from now. So there’s time for these things to change.” “I do think there is, and we’ve talked to some pollsters who have seen this sort of shy Trump effect in some of their data,” he said. “Meaning there’s some people who are out there who may not tell pollsters that they are going to vote for President Trump, they may declare themselves undecided, they may even say they’re going to vote for Joe Biden when, in fact, they may not in the end.” “I don’t know how big that number’s going to be or how that might move the polls but certainly if some of these states are close, you know, within the margin of error, 1, 2%, something like that, there could be a chance that, you know, that the polls are off and Trump will outperform,” Bevan said.

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