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Rep. Katie Porter Tells Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell To Stop Partying


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday morning, where Rep. Katie Hill questioned him about being photographed at a party last month at the home of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

REP. KATIE PORTER: I am going to project a picture up here so the audience can see but I am going to hold it up for you. Is this you, Mr. Powell? JEROME POWELL: It is. PORTER: Where are you? POWELL: That’s a party after the Alfalfa Dinner, an afterparty that I went to. PORTER: Where was it held? POWELL: At Jeff Bezos’s home. PORTER: Jeff Bezos’s home? When was it taken? POWELL: Saturday night after the Alfalfa dinner. PORTER: At the end of January 2020? POWELL: Yes. PORTER: Can you imagine how attending a lavish party at Jeff Bezos’s $23 million home along with Jared and Ivanka, and the CEO of JP organ Chase Jamie Dimon, may give off the sense to the public that you are not immune from external pressures? POWELL: I certainly hope not. PORTER: What did you talk about at the party? POWELL: I didn’t talk to any of the people that you named. PORTER: Can you tell me who you talked to? POWELL: I mainly escorted my son and his brand-new wife in there, I introduced my son to Gen. Mattis. PORTER: I suggest that attendance at this kind of event with these kinds of people is inconsistent with what I would otherwise commend you on, which is doing a good job of reaffirming to the public.

Watch the full hearing: Hat-tip to Yahoo Finance editor Sam Ro:

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