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Reporter to Trump: How Will Illegal Immigrants “Survive” Without Government Aid During Coronavirus Crisis?


President Donald Trump was asked about stimulus benefits for immigrants and illegal immigrants at the White House coronavirus task force briefing on Wednesday.

REPORTER: Mr. President, couple of questions, one for you, one for Mr. Wolf if possible. Over 5 million immigrants in this country new pay taxes through their ID numbers, yet they will not receive any money in their stimulus package. And no undocumented immigrant will receive any aid from the government during this crisis. How do you suppose they survive during the COVID-19? PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, you know, you’re saying undocumented, meaning they came in illegally. A lot of people would say we have a lot of citizens right now that won’t be working. So, what you do? It’s a tough thing. It’s a very terrible–it’s a very sad question, I must be honest with you. But they came in illegally. And we have a lot of people that are citizens of our country that won’t be able to have jobs. Now, I do think once we get rid of the virus, I think we’re going to have a boom economy. I think it’s going to go up rather quickly, maybe very quickly, and maybe slowly. But it’s going to go up, and it’ll all come back. And I think it’s actually going to come back stronger than what it was because of the stimulus. But it’s a–it’s a really sad situation, and we are working on it. I will tell you I’m not going to give you a hard and fast answer because I just want to tell you it’s something I think about and it’s something we’re working on.

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