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Sanders: I Will Be “Organizer In Chief,” I Will Go All Over Country To Pressure Senators On My Agenda


In an interview with CNN after the CBS News Democratic debate in South Carolina, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he would be the “organizer in chief” if he is the next president, promising he will go across the nation and put pressure on Senators to get behind his policies.

BERNIE SANDERS: Our campaign is a different type of campaign. Our campaign is not vote for me, I’m a great guy. Our campaign is a multiracial, multigenerational movement of working people, black and white and Latino, Native American, Asian-American coming together in the fight for justice. I said it before, I say it again, if I’m elected president, I will not just be commander in chief for the military, I will be that. I will be organizer in chief. I will be going all over the country to put pressure on Senators like those from Kentucky, for example. Go to the people in Kentucky who are hurting right now and say, really, do you think we should raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour? You tell your Senators to do it. Should we make public colleges and universities tuition-free? You tell your Senators to do that. I think I will be a very different type of president rallying the American people around an agenda that they support and telling Congress that they’ve got to represent ordinary Americans, not just their wealthy campaign contributors. That is the problem with American politics today. Congress represents wealthy campaign contributors. It ignores the needs of the middle class and working people.

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