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Sen. Grassley: I Agree With Trump On Section 230 But It Shouldn’t Hold Up Defense Funding Bill


Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) discusses his return to the Senate following positive coronavirus results and his thoughts on coronavirus relief with FBN host Neil Cavuto.

CAVUTO:  Let me ask you a little bit about Senate Republicans and their concern that the president has already promised to veto the defense bill as it stands right now, unless protections given social media companies are wiped out, in other words, that they cannot fall back on 230 to shield them from lawsuits.     Some of your colleagues, including Senator Inhofe, have said this has nothing to do with the defense appropriation, even though he confers with the president on some of these social media concerns that go too far.     What do you think of this?     GRASSLEY:  Well, first of all, defense is the number one responsibility of the federal government.    And for six years in a row, we have always passed the defense reauthorization bill. So, it’s very important that we support our troops and get this job done.     Now, it happens that I agree with the president on 230. We need to do something about that. But I don’t — I don’t know whether I agree with him that it needs to be done on this defense authorization bill, because it is important that we get it done. I hope that it could be done this way, but it shouldn’t hold up the entire bill.     CAVUTO:  All right. He insists right now that that should be the case, and that is exactly what he is going to do.    If he keeps insisting on it, what are you going to do?     GRASSLEY:  Well, I will — one way or the other, we’re going to pass a bill and get it there, with 230 or without 230.     And then, if he vetoes it, I guess there would be great discussion with the president on the importance of not vetoing it. But, if he did veto it, it would be subject to an override.    And I don’t want you to ask me right now if I would vote to override or not, because I don’t have that mind made up. But I want to vote for a defense authorization bill one way or the other, 230 or not 230.    

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