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Sen. Hawley Calls For “International Investigation” Into China For Coronavirus


Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called for an investigation into China for starting the coronavirus in Wuhan, lying about it, jailing doctors and causing the deaths of thousands across the world. In an interview Tuesday with Sean Hannity, Hawley called for China to pay for the monetary damage done to the world economy. “We need to have an international investigation that holds the Chinese government to account because they’ve got a propaganda machine out there saying that they bought the world time and now the U.S. is squandering that,” Hawley said on FOX News. “They’re also saying that maybe U.S. soldiers were the original carriers of the virus. All of that is totally rubbish. That is 100% lies. That’s garbage.” “We need to make it clear and we need an international investigation to make it clear to the world that this started in Wuhan, China, that the Chinese government lied about it,” he said. “They jailed the doctors who tried to blow the whistle on it. They cost the world thousands of lives and billions of dollars. They ought to be on the hook to pay back some of it.” “We offered back in January when it was in Wuhan we offered to send teams for medical assistance, doctors, scientists, the whole nine yards and China said no,” Hawley said. “They said we have this handled. In fact they had been lying about it and been sitting on it for weeks and weeks and weeks. And that has cost the world thousands of deaths.” “It’s cost us here in this country,” he continued. “So China ought to be on the hook for that. They ought to pay back some of the damages, some of the monetary damage that has been done because I tell you, it’s going to be really significant. We’re going to get through this. We’re going to emerge stronger. But China has to be held to account.”

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