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Shipping Container Hospital Rooms – The ‘CURA’ Pods Offer Space for an Influx of Patients (TrendHunter.com)


The conceptual ‘CURA’ pods have been designed as a solution to help with an influx of patients in a hospital and alleviate some of the strain that can be placed on facilities during pandemics or natural disasters. The pods are achieved with shipping containers that could be easily set up for use in very little time to offer intensive care units (ICUs) for patients who otherwise wouldn’t have a bed inside the hospital itself. The units are approximately eight feet by eight-and-a-half feet, and boast negative pressure ventilation systems to protect healthcare workers from contaminated air if they are short on protective gear to further alleviate resource stress.

The conceptual ‘CURA’ pods are the design work of Carlo Ratti Associati with Italo Rota (Design and Innovation), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Design and Innovation), Humanitas Research Hospital (Medical Engineering), Policlinico di Milano (Medical Consultancy), Jacobs (Alberto Riva – Master Planning, design, construction and logistics support services), Studio FM Milano (Visual identity & graphic design), Squint/Opera (Digital media), Alex Neame of Team Rubicon UK (Logistics), Ivan Pavanello of Projema (MEP Engineering) and Dr. Maurizio Lanfranco of Ospedale Cottolengo (Medical Consultancy).

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