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Steve Bannon: Trump Will Want To Increase The Lockdown


Steve Bannon predicts President Trump will want a harder lockdown as we move forward in the coronavirus pandemic. “I think you go to a harder lockdown right now and then you bridge it,” Bannon said. “Nobody should lose a job, no company should go out of business. We’ve got to bridge the small companies, the entrepreneurs to get through to the other side.” “If you have to go through hell, go through it as fast as possible,” he said. “The president is a wartime president. He’s made some tough calls already. He’s shut down all the traffic coming in from China. And he quarantined everybody that came back. And he was criticized by Morning Joe and Biden and those guys as being racist, nativist, and xenophobic.” “I think President Trump is going to come to the conclusion that I want to tighten this thing up some more so that we can get through this quicker and faster and have a steeper revival. I believe that is what is going to happen,” Bannon said Saturday on FOX News.

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