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Steve Hilton To “Woke” CEOs: When The Mob Comes For You, You’re On Your Own


FNC’s ‘The Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton weighs in on the “woke, virtue signaling” response from corporations to Georgia’s election reform bill.

STEVE HILTON, FOX NEWS: Welcome to the next revolution, I am Steve Hilton… Last week, we laid out the origins of wokeism. The hateful, intolerant ideology that has captured powerful institutions in America with its cruel cancel culture, it is as divisive and dangerous as McCarthyism. But it is more dangerous because it is not the deranged obsession of here-today, gone-tomorrow politicians or some fad that exploded after the death of George Floyd. Wokeism is the culmination of a campaign that began at Frankfurt University’s Goethe Institute that began in 1923 to destroy the values and freedom America was built on, specifically targeting faith, family, and culture, because in eyes of critical theorists of the critical theorists who invented what became wokeism, faith, family, and culture were the Bourgoisie’s tools of oppression. Now, here we are. Wokeism is today the biggest internal threat America faces. It is the enemy within. It is recruiting new allies all of the time. The latest: corporate America. In the last few weeks, starting with the Georgia voting bill, the heads of major companies have entered the political arena as Democrat activists. They claim they are not partisan, they are just defending our democracy and the right to vote. When they say that, they’re literally reciting Democrat talking points. There is no proposal in Georgia or anywhere else to undermine the right to vote. These CEOs are either lying or wading into America’s most inflammatory issues without knowing what they are talking about. The only actual proposal that undermines Democracy is the Democrats’ H.R. 1, which among other anti-Constitutional horrors federalizes elections, and pushes Banana Republic atrocities like ballot harvesting, which replaces one person/one vote with one union activist/500 votes. Unbelievably, corporate America is lining up behind this partisan power grab. Tonight, we have a message for the woke CEOs: You think you can buy off the mob with pandering press releases while business as usual continues, oh no. You want to behave like Democrat politicians, fine, that is how we’ll treat you, you have no idea how painful this will get for your companies and for you personally. Let’s start with Ed Bastion, CEO of Delta Airlines, saying on March 31 that Georgia’s voting law “will make it harder for man underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives.” “That is wrong,” he said. No, Ed Bastion, you of you are wrong, Georgia’s new law makes it easier to vote in Georgia, and easier than in many Democrat-run states, but facts are irrelevant to Delta’s CEO. He also said the entire rationale for the bill was based on a lie. No, Ed Bastion, your statement is a lie, and the proof you are a liar is provided by your own company’s previous statement in support of Georgia’s law. But Ed Bastion’s dishonesty doesn’t end there. He took our tax money in bailout dollars, meant to help employees during the pandemic, and gave it instead to managers, directors, and senior vice presidents, what a nasty piece of work. Worse is this man: Brad Smith, President of Microsoft. His disingenuous, virtue-signaling statement also implies that the Georgia law makes it harder to vote. He pushed such misinformation because Brad Smith is one of the most cynical and corrupt operators in corporate America. For years, he’s bought off criticism and regulation by bribing — I am sorry, making donations — to members of Congress, Microsoft has given over 20 million to convince them they are not part of Big Tech, but on the biggest issue, Microsoft is worse than big tech. Every Republican member of Congress, every staffer, every conservative policymaker who has been wined and dined and financed by Brad Smith, listen to this: “China To View Windows Code.” “China uses access to Microsoft source code to help plot cyber warfare,” “Microsoft Just Buils A Special Version Of Windows For China.” On and on it goes, year after year. Microsoft, the ally of our biggest enemy, China. And now the ally of our most dangerous internal enemy, wokeism. Memo to Republican lawmakers: Microsoft is Chinasoft. If you work with Brad Smith and Microsoft, you are siding with the enemies of America. But it is not just Microsoft you need to cut ties with, this is Coca-Cola’s lamentable CEO James Quincy. In his abject capitulation to Democrats, he lined up Coca-Cola behind H.R. 1 to rig the voting rules in Democrat’s favor. Preposterously, he said [he did this] to protect black people’s rights, but James Quincy targets black people. Black kids see twice as many of his ads as white kids, James Quincy increased his ad spending over 80% in the past few years, despite multiple studies linking his product to poor health. James Quincy encourages racism in his own company, Coca-Cola employees were told to be less white as part of their diversity training. In Europe, his Coca-Cola cynically claims environmentalism while continuing to be one of the biggest polluters of our ocean. We’d take corporate American social justice woke activism more seriously if leeches like James Quincy cleaned their own house first. Here is another disgusting two-faced corporate hypocrite, Blackrock’s Larry Fink, chief executive of the world’s largest investment firm, which is laughably trying to woke-wash its sordid reality. “BlackRock is concerned about efforts that could limit access so ballot for everyone.” Larry Fink is so concerned about social justice, but not concerned enough to actually do it in his own company. Just 3% of his senior leaders are black compared to 5% of the U.S. workforce, but he co-founded BlackRock in 1988. What’s he been doing all these years? And look, he is one of the biggest investors in private prisons that, which disproportionately hurt black people. He has been investing in bomb manufacturers and profiting from endless war and violence. But he does want us to know he is in favor of gun restrictions, just not cluster bomb restrictions. How woke is that! About as woke as his personal behavior, apparently, widely described by euphemisms for bullying. Maybe all this virtue signaling is Larry Fink’s desperate effort to save himself from a #MeToo reckoning. Who knows? Maybe someone will look into it. But Larry Fink is not the only sickening Wall Street hypocrite. Step forward, the grandest and most pompous of them all, J.P. Morgan’s Jamie Dimon. “Voting must be equitable and accessible,” he says. Interesting that a company so devoted to equity had to pay a $24 million settlement to black investment advisors who accused J.P. Morgan of discrimination… When they are not discriminating against people by race, they’re destroying local communities and shipping jobs overseas. Not just as enablers of globalism, but directly, themselves They are not just bribing public officials, that cost them a quarter-billion-dollar settlement in 2016. Jamie Dimon, who presides over this cesspit of corporate crimes again society says, “companies like ours have an extraordinary capacity to help, not just with funding, but with developing strong public policy.” Oh, fantastic. Instead of the people we elect, it will be the corrupt ghouls of Wall Street writing our laws. New corporate activism they call it. Hey, Jaime Dimon, why don’t you do some activism on your conscience, how about you, Larry Fink, James Quincy, Brad Smith, Ed Bastian, and all the rest. You are everything that is wrong with American capitalism, you make the rich, richer, the poor, poorer, you crush small business, you destroy communities, you despoil America’s beauty, and yes, you hurt disproportionately black people in this country. Spare us the woke virtue signaling, it won’t save you from the mob. But now that you’ve joined the Democrats, you can be sure the GOP won’t save you from them either. When they raise your taxes, you are on your own. When they crush you with regulations, you’re on your own. When they break you up and beat you down, you are on your own. The New Republican Party, a multiracial, working-class coalition, now holds corporate America in contempt. So, go ahead, boycott their brand, hound their CEOs, make their lives a misery, that is the next revolution we need.

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