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Strzok: Americans Need To Understand That FBI Thought Trump Was Compromised In 2016 And Now


PBS NEWSHOUR: Former FBI official Peter Strzok has been a target of President Trump’s ire for his role in investigations of Hillary Clinton’s emails and the 2016 Trump campaign’s connections with Russia — as well as his extramarital affair. Now Strzok is speaking out about why he believes Trump is dangerous. Strzok said Trump is compromised because he claimed he had no relationship with Russia while at the same time his now-convicted former attorney Michael Cohen was “trying to make a deal” for Trump Tower Moscow. This is what Strzok said is the “leverage over him and the ability to influence his behavior.” “I think, when you look at what he has with his relationship with Russia, the way that he has exposed himself to being compromised and is compromised, in opinion – in my opinion, that is too important an issue for the American public to not understand how we thought about that in the FBI in 2016, up to and through today,” Strzok said in an interview with PBS NewsHour. “Throughout 2016, I knew things about Trump and his campaign that absolutely would have killed his electoral chances,” Strzok said. “All of us working on the team knew things that, had we gone to the media, had we go to – gone to Congress, it would have destroyed, potentially irreparably, his campaign for president.” Strzok, defending China, called it “absolutely false,” “deeply misleading,” and “inaccurate” to claim that the communist country is interfering in the 2020 presidential election like Russia. “Russia is getting into our domestic politics, into our domestic schisms,” he said. “They’re fomenting tensions between various elements of American society in a way that simply, the Chinese, the Iranians and others are not doing. And for the administration to suggest otherwise is deeply misleading and inaccurate.” “The American people should understand that all of our work, all of my work was done in an objective, apolitical way,” Strzok said. “And that is exactly the way that everybody else in the FBI did their work. Those are the standards that we hold ourselves to. Every agent has a political opinion. I have a personal opinion. And each and every one of us, when I was working at the FBI, when you walk in the door, you set that aside, and you do your job objectively.”

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