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Teen-Targeted Hygiene Products – The OMV! By Vagisil Products Meet the Needs of Young Women (TrendHunter.com)


The OMV! By Vagisil products have been unveiled by the Combe-owned brand as a range of vaginal health solutions that are targeted towards the needs of young women. The intimate care collection includes the All-Day Fresh Wash, No-Sweat Wipettes and the Bikini Anti-Itch Serum, which are all characterized by their pH-balanced, gynecologist-tested and free-from profile. The intimate care products were created after consultation with 2,500 teen girls and their mothers in order to gain insight into what they need from their personal hygiene solutions.

Vagisil CEO Keech Combe Shetty spoke on the new OMV! By Vagisil products saying, “The Vagisil brand believes confidence starts with feeling comfortable in your own body. OMV! by Vagisil was created to support our brand mission: empower young women to feel comfortable talking about their vaginal health needs and provide solutions so they can be shameless about their bodies. As a leader in women’s vaginal health for more than 45 years, it was very important that we invited young women to have a say in the making of these products, ensuring that every aspect of the line is what they want and need in an intimate care product.”

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