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Top 100 Hair Trends in 2019 – From Wireless Hair Dryers to Invisible Hair Masks (TrendHunter.com)


The top 2019 hair trends offer a look at the bold style statements people are making with accessories, as well as the innovative products, treatments and gadgets that they are using to support health and style.

Taking a page from the world of skincare, hair care products are being made with popular ingredients like hyaluronic acid, probiotics and salicylic acid. Similarly, some hair products are becoming more cosmetic-like with formulas that support brightening, contouring and effortless on-the-go touch-ups. Other innovations include eco-friendly products that are activated by water and formulas that are completely customizable.

Over the last year, consumers have also enjoyed embracing statement-making accessories like nostalgic hair clips and oversized scrunchies to mimic popular runway looks.

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