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Top 100 Health Trends in April – From Cannabis Dispensary Drive-Thrus to UV Toothbrush Sanitizers (TrendHunter.com)


The April 2020 health trends highlight innovations that help users to maintain their health and wellness, whether it be sanitizing products that can prevent them from getting sick, virtual fitness classes that allow them to stay physical at home, or meditation apps that increase mindfulness and decrease stress.

With COVID-19 leading to shortages in hand sanitizers and other disinfecting products, some brands have taken it upon themselves to help those in their communities stay safe. One example comes from Texan vodka distiller Titos, with the brand creating its own hand sanitizer to help with the lack of supply. The hand sanitizer features an 80% alcohol content, and is effective in killing germs and bacteria.

Another feature comes from Materialise, a brand that released a 3D-printed hands-free door handle to minimize contact with frequently touched surfaces. As viruses can spread through surfaces, the 3D-printed door handles can help to reduce contamination. Made as a quick fix for doors that don’t have automatic capabilities, the alternative handles include a position for the user’s forearm, allowing them to use their arm to maneuver the door open and closed.

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