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Top 100 Health Trends in August – From Stick-On Face Masks to 24-Hour Live Fitness Portals (TrendHunter.com)


From stick-on face masks to 24-hour live fitness portals, the August 2020 health trends show how society is prioritizing different health needs amid the “new normal.” As preventive health and hygiene become increasingly important to buyers, brands have shifted their product and services to reflect the new attitude.

Notably, the 24-hour live fitness portal, launched by Find Fit People TV, enables consumers to workout at home without fear of coming into contact with others who might transmit the virus. This new portal maintains the energetic, “in-person” atmosphere that many gym-goers seek—without risking safety.

Another intriguing example from the August 2020 health trends is the Earch Salone de Mask, a new stick-on face mask designed specifically to support hairdressers. The mask uses adhesive strips on the jawline and cheekbones, removing the annoyance and sight restrictions from traditional facial coverings.


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