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Top 100 Health Trends in February – From Keto-Specific Cafés to Wellness Smart Rings (TrendHunter.com)


The February 2020 health trends feature everything from organic superfood teas and CBD-enhanced probiotic supplements, to hangover cures and air-purifying table lamps.

One notable feature comes from Headspace, a popular guided meditation app that’s used by many to increase their focus, clear their minds, and decrease stress. With the benefits of meditation becoming more well known among Western consumers in recent years, the team behind the app decided to partner with Mattel to increase awareness among kids. The resulting video, which is available on Barbie’s vlog channel on YouTube, shows the character using the HeadSpace app, and explaining what she hopes to gain from the guided meditation.

Also featured is Samsung’s new Gait Enhancing and Motivation System (GEMS), which was demonstrated at CES 2020. The exercise exoskeleton uses VR to assist users who have decreased mobility, whether it’s due to an injury or old age, so that they can be guided through exercises that help to strengthen their joints and muscles in a safe way.

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