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Trump: Biden, Harris & Radical Left Are “Seriously Ill People,” Election Night “Will Be A Very Short Evening”


President Donald Trump to FOX Business host Maria Bartiromo: “These people are crazy, OK? And this is a — this is what we’re getting. And it’s amazing the way Sleepy Joe buys into it. He buys into it like, oh, great. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. And now you have a — sort of a mad woman I call her because she was so angry and so — such hatred with Justice Kavanaugh. I mean I’ve never seen anything like it. She was the angriest of the group and they were all angry. They’re all radical left angry people, and they’re angry because I beat them. They still haven’t forgotten. These are seriously ill people. But if you look at — if you look at — her record is a terrible record. And I’ll tell you a good poll because the real poll — we’re doing very well on the polls, and they love the suppression polls. This is almost like a replay of four years ago. They said I was going to lose every swing state the day before. He will lose every swing state. It will be a very short evening.”

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