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Trump Defends Protestors: People Want To Get Back To Work, “They Are Doing Social Distancing”


President Donald Trump defended those protesting governments to reopen as people who want to get back to work. At Tuesday’s White House coronavirus task force briefing, the president said he has watched protesters commit to social distancing.

QUESTION: The director of the CDC has said the protests against stay against stay at home orders are not helpful. You have encouraged some of these protests what are your thoughts on the CDC directors saying these protests are not a good idea? PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, people look, it’s not a question of helpful or not people want to get back to work, and I have watched some of the protests not in great detail, but I have seen that, and they are separated, there’s a lot of space in between I mean they are watching believe it or not social–they are doing social distancing if you can believe it and they are, and they are protesting, but they are–the groups I have seen have been very much spread out, so I think that is good. Look, people they want to get back to work they want to make a living they have to take care of their family they don’t want to do this. It’s you know unfortunate maybe one way or the other. Both are unfortunate, both are unfortunate, but you have a lot of people out there that are anxious to get back. Yeah, please.

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