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Trump: I Have No Choice But To Take On The Media Or I Wouldn’t Be President


President Donald Trump called reporters the “most dishonorable people” and said he has no choice but to attack the media because he would not be president otherwise in an interview Thursday with FOX News host Sean Hannity.

SEAN HANNITY: Two questions. The question I get asked most often — the people that love and support you, they want to know why you fight so hard with the media, why do you fight against them, why do you — you know, you take one anybody that goes on. And you answered this interestingly in the Martha and Bret town hall, and for those that say well, maybe you shouldn’t fight on all these issues, what do you say to them?   TRUMP:  I don’t think I have a choice. If I didn’t take on the media, I guarantee I wouldn’t be here with you tonight. I’d be watching on television — maybe I’d be in the crowd. But I’d be watching. I wouldn’t be interviewed. You couldn’t win.   And I haven’t, even to this day, I mean, every – The New York Times is so dishonest, The Washington Post is so dishonest. They write things — you can do something great. and they can make it sound horrible. You could do something, and they can make it sound beyond belief bad, like it’s the worst thing ever.   Or – and I said it a little bit before, you can do something great, and it doesn’t get reported. That’s, in a way, just as bad because a lot of people couldn’t (ph) figure it out.   The level of dishonesty in the media is – I think they’re the most dishonest people I’ve ever dealt with.   Now, not everybody – you have honest – you’re an honest journalist. You’re a great journalist. You know, we have great journalists.   Look at the Pulitzer Prize. The Pulitzer Prize is very embarrassed, it’s lost a lot of its credibility because all these writers got Pulitzer Prizes on the Russia, Russia, Russia – and they were all wrong. But John Solomon, and all of the people that you deal with.   And you, by the way, Laura, Lou Dobbs, your Fox & Friends, people that are great – a great group in the morning, including the weekends, to be honest, with Pete. But you have some great people.   But they got Pulitzer Prizes on Russia, Russia, Russia, and they were wrong.   Now the committee should —   HANNITY:  We were right on the deep state, they were wrong.   TRUMP:  No, you were right —   HANNITY:  For three years – they were wrong for three years.   TRUMP:  You were right on Ukraine. The Ukraine thing was a hoax. It was a pure hoax.   They took a – think of it, they impeached a duly elected president of the United States on a perfect conversation – actually there were two conversations. The first one was, hello, goodbye. They don’t even talk about that. The second one was about the same thing.   They impeached a president of the United States. Now, in all fairness the Republican Party was great. Because we got (ph) 196 to nothing Republican votes in the House, and 52-1/2 to 1/2, Romney – Romney. To 1/2 (ph) a vote – you know, I call it 52-1/2 to a 1/2 because you had two votes and one was yes.   But we did – they were great. The Republican Party was great. They were steadfast because they knew it was a hoax. It was purely a party line impeachment, nothing like that’s ever happened before.   HANNITY: To add to that, they had to ignore Joe on tape saying, you’re not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my zero experience son making millions.  

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