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Trump: If Biden Gets Elected, Other Countries “Would Own America”


President Trump responds to a question about giving financial aid to Iran for coronavirus at Sunday’s White House coronavirus task force press briefing.

REPORTER: Thank you Mr. President. Yesterday you pointed out that Iran was likely not truthful in their reporting of the virus meanwhile Senator Dianne Feinstein again other Democrats are looking for $5 billion in aid to Iran. Our you considering giving aid to Iran? PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: If Iran needed aid on this I would be willing to do something if they want it if they ask for it. I would be certainly willing. They were hit very hard. Obviously those numbers weren’t correct numbers that they reported but if they needed help, if they needed aid, if they needed ventilators we have thousands of ventilators currently on hands and ventilators under construction under–that are under construction. That’s a mosquito. I don’t like mosquitoes. I don’t like mosquitoes at all. But if they–yeah, we would certainly be willing to help and what they should do is be smart and make a deal. It is only because of you know you look at what happened John Kerry I guess just doesn’t want them to make a deal and they are probably figuring they can wait and maybe it will be Biden and they will own America if Biden gets in and they know with me it doesn’t work that way, it doesn’t work that way. If Joe Biden got in they would own America between them, China and Japan, Mexico, Canada they would own America. You wouldn’t have a country left if he got in. Go ahead please.

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