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Trump: Media Doesn’t Want To Cover My Press Briefings Despite “Bachelor Finale” Ratings


President Trump tangles with a reporter at Sunday’s White House coronavirus task force briefing:

REPORTER: Mr. President, thank you. Earlier this afternoon, you Tweeted there are on average 8.5 million Americans tuning into these briefings. Some networks out there are concerned about taking these briefings. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I know what you are saying. I read that. CNN does not want to cover them. I read that — except they can’t help them because the ratings are so high. This man would not be here. 100 years you can bet your life that he would never be here with CNN and all their cameras. We help their ratings because their rating is very low. “The Washington Post” says a drive-on not to go to the President of the United States news conference, frankly because so many people are watching for getting the word out or the accurate word out. And a lot of people are happy about it and a lot of people are not. They should be happy. When I have the general and Seema and Tony and when I have our incredible — these are all my people that’s becoming big stars. Deborah has done a fantastic job. All these people don’t want to be stars, they want to win the battle against this virus. They have been fighting their whole life, Ebola and Swine Flu, that’s what they do. They fight disease. You know there is nobody that does it better. I think the American public, ultimately they should be the decider, if they don’t want to watch, they should not watch. We should not have bigger ratings than “The Bachelor” or, as the New York Times was saying. “Monday Night Football” type ratings… I think they are not honest people. Bt that’s okay. They can’t help it. But even they said the ratings are like “Bachelor Finale,” the big end, like “Monday Night Football” ratings. That these are like the “Bachelor” finale. I have no idea what happens because I am too busy working on this. I think it is terrible. When they don’t want the President of the United States to have a voice, you are not talking about democracy any longer. Any longer.

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