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Trump on Coronavirus: “I’m Not Sure Anybody Even Knows What It Is”; “You Can Call It A Germ, You Can Call It A Flu”


President Trump told children to be proud of the country when asked at Friday’s White House coronavirus briefing what he would say to students home from school that may be watching.

QUESTION: Millions of school kids across the country are home, including my own. Bored, restless, learning a little bit online, but it’s better in the classroom. You know that. And they’re–and my kids, they want to crawl on the walls and climb of the walls and my wife is about to lose it, right? So many of them are watching right now. What would you say to those kids right now, elementary school, middle school, high school, what would you tell them right now who are watching from home? TRUMP: I would say that you are a citizen of the greatest country anywhere in the world and we were attacked like nothing that’s happened possibly since 1917. Many, many years ago. We were attacked and we are winning the battle and we’re going to win the war and it’s not going to take, hopefully, not that much longer. But we have to win the war. And I would say that they have a duty to sit back, watch, behave, wash their hands, stay in the apartment with mom and dad. They look like they’re lucky to have you as a father. And just learn from it. But you know, they’re–they’re–the young people have been tremendous. They–some of them are very happy not to go to school. You understand that, perhaps yours, perhaps not. But they’ve been–we had to know–we’ve literally had no problem. But again, they should just sit back and be very proud of our country because we’re doing it for them. You know, ultimately, we’re doing it for them more than anything else if you think about it. The other thing that’s nice and the one thing that has come out, and I learned this, again, it was reaffirmed by President Xi last night in my conversation, the young people are really, this is an incredible phenomenon, but they are attacked, successfully attacked to a much lesser extent by this pandemic, by this disease. This whatever they want to call it. You call it a germ, you can call it a flu, you can call it a virus. You know, you can call it many different names. I’m not sure anybody even knows what it is, but the children do very well. It’s almost the younger they are, the better they do. I guess the immune system is, sadly for some of us, their immune system is–is stronger. But actually, I’m very happy about that. But they have been attacked. For instance, the Spanish flu and if you look at the H1N1, the swine if you take a look at the–the swine flu, which was, as you know, not so long ago, that attacked very strongly young children, kids, middle-aged people, everyone. Age is a–age is a factor here. So your children should be in good shape. Just tell them to be very proud of the country, okay?

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