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Trump on Coronavirus: “Nobody Could Have Predicted Something Like This”


President Trump talked about the federal response to the coronavirus and responded to criticism from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a lengthy interview and chat with ‘FOX & Friends’ on Monday.

BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX NEWS HOST: Mr. President, yesterday you spoke for 90 minutes. You took — when you go out there you take endless amounts of questions. And the one thing I think a lot of people are telling me over the weekend is it’s kind of heartening to see Democrats and Republicans getting along in some cases, like you with Governor Cuomo. We watch your presser, we watch his presser on a daily basis. We get a lot of news.   One thing I didn’t hear you address, and if you did I’m sorry if I missed it, but he talks about immunity tests. He talks about giving people in New York an immunity test, and then — and Germany seems to be doing the same thing, where if you had it and you got rid of it you’re immune to it perhaps, and then you can go to work. When you go to work, maybe they take your temperature like they do when you go to give blood. Even if you were to go to give blood they’d take your temperature —   TRUMP: Right.   KILMEADE: — before you walk in the building. Can you see this —   TRUMP: Right.   KILMEADE: — being the way to normalcy?   TRUMP: Well I can. I think it’s going to be a big help and we’re very close, as you know. You probably listened because I talked about it yesterday where they’re refining the final steps and having some tremendous success and they’re also — you know, we have a lot of things happening right now.   As you know the hydroxychloroquine, which is a malaria drug and also an arthritis drug, but it’s primarily a malaria drug, very powerful drug. And we’re going to — we’re going to know within days. We’re testing that as an example, Brian, which is going to be very exciting if something positive comes of it. But that’s being tested very strongly in New York.   We have 1,100 people on that drug together with Z-Pak and the Z-Pak, you know what that is, and — so I think we have a lot of interesting things happening. The labs — you see AVID came up with a test where you can literally, I mean it’s — in minutes you see whether or not you have the problem, and that’s something that nobody thought could happen and they came out of — it’s a great, great company, great laboratories. And they came up with something that is — nobody was even thinking about two weeks ago or five weeks ago, so that’s going to make a big impact.   And yet, you know, we’ve tested more than any other country. We inherited a broken test —   KILMEADE: Yes.   TRUMP: — the whole thing was broken. And we rebuilt it and, you know, this — I wish it was done before and I’m not even blaming anybody. Nobody could have predicted something like this but we’re now testing hundreds of thousands of people. We’ve tested more than anybody in the world by far.   When you look at South Korea, we’ll do more in eight days than they do in eight weeks. And that’s not a knock on them. Plus our test is a better test. It’s a very sophisticated test. And we — so we’ve tested more and that’s why we have more cases because if you look at some of the countries with one and a half billion people, whether it’s India, China, or others, I mean they have — they have very big countries but we test more than anybody else so we will show — we will find people that have it that don’t even know they’re sick in some cases.   So we have more cases than anybody, but we’re doing really well and we also have a very low — relative to other countries, very low mortality rate. And there are reasons for that.

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