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Trump on Lawlessness in Democrat-Run Cities: We’re For Law And Order And Joe Biden Is Not


President Trump in an interview with FOX News host Sean Hannity discusses law and order in Democrat-run cities.

HANNITY: You — have you watched much of the Democratic Convention this week?   TRUMP: I have watched some, not that much, but I have watched some.   A lot of hate.   HANNITY: There’s a lot — there’s a lot of talk about you there.   TRUMP: Yes, I would say so.   HANNITY: And I noticed they’re not talking about their socialism.   And their stated plans, you know what they are. The New Green Deal, Biden is playing — pledging trillions. Kamala, well, she was the co-sponsor in the U.S. Senate. Kamala has talked about executive orders to take away whatever guns I guess she deems necessary.   We know she’s talking about no private health insurance options. She co-sponsored Medicare for all. I don’t know anybody in the media that is even pointing it out. There’s like zero vetting.   I bet you wish you got that treatment.   TRUMP: Well, it’s socialized medicine. That’s what they’re really — socialized health care.   They’re talking about something that’s so expensive the country can’t afford it. And even if it could, it’s no good. It’s no good. It’s socialized medicine. You’re not going to have your doctor. You’re not going to have your plan, which you didn’t have when Obama promised you. And 28 different times, he said that.   So, no, they’re talking about exactly that. And it’s a ridiculous situation.   They’re also not talking about law enforcement and our great police. They’re not talking about that. They don’t want to talk about it. And they see Portland. And you see New York, with a 358 percent increase in crime, some number that’s just crazy. And you see what’s going on in Chicago.   But look at Portland. They’re anarchists. They don’t want to talk about police, because it’s a losing subject for them. They want to defund the police. And they want to — they want to abolish police. I mean, they’re actually trying to do it in Seattle.   The Democrat-run cities are a disaster.   HANNITY: You know, Joe Biden said the police become the enemy. And then he said he would support reallocating. Kamala said she supported the $150 billion cut to the LAPD.   You see New York City. You see Chicago. You see Portland. You see Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco. One thing they all have in common, Mr. President, is, they have been run by liberal Democrats for decades.   TRUMP: That’s right.   HANNITY: And the last time you were on this show, you said you’re begging them to help restore law and order.   What’s the status?   TRUMP: We could do it so quickly.   Like, when you look at Portland — and I just watched the young man on the screen, on your screen. And what they did with him last — the other night was just horrible, when you look at it, horrible.   And they’re just thugs. And they’re not being properly protected, because the police don’t want to do that, and because the police aren’t allowed to do their thing. They’re all good police, but they’re not allowed to do their thing. They don’t want to lose their pension, don’t want to lose their job, although their job, they’re feeling — frankly, a lot of them are leaving, because they are just — it’s a shame, what’s happened.   You know, we were just supported by New York City’s finest. We — Pat Lynch came over and gave us the endorsement of the New York police, and — which is a great honor for me, because they’re phenomenal. But they’re not allowed to do their job.   And we have the endorsements in Ohio and Texas and Pennsylvania and Florida. We just got the sheriffs, all of the sheriffs in Florida, at a ceremony. And I don’t know. I can’t imagine they’re ever going to endorse anybody who’s going to endorse Biden, because they really have a very unsafe policy for our country.   And you talk about suburbia. You know, we’re all saying about suburban women. The fact is, they’re going to really want to support me, because we’re for law and order. We’re for safety and security. And Biden is not. It’s just incredible.   They have talked him into things that nobody would have thought possible. And he’s not in a position to fight back.

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