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Trump: Stock Market Will “Bounce Back Very Big At The Right Time”


President Trump said the stock market will bounce back and it will bounce back “very big at the right time” at a press availability Thursday.

REPORTER: Mr. President, you talked about emergency actions that you could take last night with regard to workers – PRESIDENT TRUMP: I have a lot of emergency actions that I can take. REPORTER: But with regard to workers – PRESIDENT TRUMP: Yeah. REPORTER: – what are you looking at to help American workers? PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we’re looking at a lot of things, including paid leave, and – we’re looking at many things. We’re also making sure they’re going to get their salaries. We have other workers too, and those are people that work for tips, and nobody thinks about them. And we’re including them in a lot of our schedules. We’re also making sure that the companies, which are good companies, stay solvent, have the money necessary to keep functioning. So we have a lot of things that we’re working on with the financial markets. And it’s going to work out fine. You know, we’re – REPORTER: When will you decide? PRESIDENT TRUMP: You have to remember, the stock market, as an example, is still much higher than when I got here. And it’s taken a big hit, but it’s going to all bounce back and it’s going to bounce back very big at the right time. REPORTER: When will you decide, though, for the American workers, what steps you will take – PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we’re deciding right now, and we’re dealing also – prior to even the Stafford Act, we’re dealing with the Democrats in Congress and we’ll see what can be done. I happen to think that a payroll tax cut would be a very good idea. It very dis- – you know, it distributes it – really distributes it very evenly among middle class and other workers. I mean, many workers. It would be a great thing. I happen to think it would be a great thing even beyond this, okay? So we’re looking at the payroll tax cut, and that won’t come immediately because that’s a stronger measure. But we are looking to do that. And I think, at the right time, Congress will probably go along with it, because it really is the most sensible thing. We had the biggest bankers in the world here yesterday, getting their opinions. They all thought payroll tax cut would be a great thing. It would evenly and quickly distribute a lot of money.

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