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Trump: “There Is A Hunger To Getting Our Country Back”


President Donald Trump said ensuring the health of the U.S. economy is vital to ensuring the health of our nation at a press conference Monday.

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP: Today I would like to provide you with an update in our war against the coronavirus. Thanks to our comprehensive strategy and extraordinary devotion to our citizens, we have had such tremendous support all over. We continue to see encouraging signs of progress; cases in New York area, New Orleans, Detroit, Boston, and Houston are declining. Denver, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Nashville, Indianapolis, and St. Louis are all stable and declining. All parts of the country are either in good shape, getting better–in all cases getting better and we are seeing very little that we are going to look at as a superseding hotspot. Things are moving along. Really a horrible situation that we have been confronted with, but they are moving along. As we express our gratitude for these hard-fought gains, however, we continue to mourn with thousands of families across the country is loved ones have been stolen from us by the invisible enemy. We grieve by their side as one family. This great American family and we do grieve. We also stand in solidarity with the thousands of Americans who are ill and waging a brave fight against the virus. We are doing everything in our power to heal the sick and to gradually reopen our nation and to safely get our people back to work. They want to get back to work, and they want to get back to work soon. There is a hunger for getting our country back, and it is happening, and it is happening faster than people would think. Ensuring the health of our economy is vital to ensuring the health of our nation. These goals work in tandem; they work side-by-side. It is clear that our aggressive strategy to slow the spread has been working and is saving countless lives. For those who are infected, we have taken unprecedented action to ensure they have the highest level of care anywhere in the world. The federal government has built more than 11,000 extra beds, shipped or delivered hundreds of millions of pieces of personal protective equipment as you know in fact some of the people here are going to be talking about it, some of our greatest executives, some of the greatest anywhere in the world and distributed over 10,000 ventilators and we now have in a very short period of time many have been delivered and hundreds of thousands are being built, and frankly every governor has more ventilators right now than they know what to do with. They are actually shipping them to different locations, and we are shipping some to our allies and others throughout the world because we have ventilators like the job that they have done in getting this very complex piece of equipment built is actually incredible. You don’t hear about ventilators anymore except in a positive way.

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