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Trump Thursday Coronavirus Update: “This Is A Very Fast Spread”


President Trump said it was very possible that the U.S. Olympics team will not attend the Olympics and that the sporting event is postponed for a year in an update to the media Thursday. Trump also noted that Japan, the country hosting the Olympics this summer, is known for its “beautiful buildings” and that it would be a shame not to have crowds. Trump also called India and Japan “ahead of the curve” for the way they greet people with handless gestures.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: What happened with the NBA is pretty incredible but you look over and in Europe you see there are big soccer matches were canceled. It’s pretty amazing when you when you think of what happened and how fast it spread to the the world. It was one country. Then it was 4 countries. Then it was 9. I’m reading this list every week. Then I was 13. Then it 22. And now I guess it is over 100 countries so it’s an amazing thing how fast this one spread. This is a very fast spreader. REPORTER: Any more thoughts about the Tokyo Olympics? TRUMP: No. I just wish the Prime Minister, he’s a great friend of mine Prime Minister Abe, and I wish them luck. They did such a perfect job. Venues are incredible. He was proudly showing me pictures of what they’ve done the last time I was with him. This was before this came up. And I said what a job and they built it very well. They built it on budget, or even under budget and they’re beautiful facilities. I don’t know. It is very possible for the Olympics, I just can’t see having no people there. In other words not allowing people. Maybe, and this is just my idea, maybe they just postpone it for a year. Maybe they do that if it’s possible. Maybe that’s not possible. I guess that’s never happened with the Olympics although I think they was an interruption for wars. It was canceled or interruption. But I would say maybe they postpone it for a year. It’s a shame, I used to be in the real estate business as most of you have heard. They built some really — I built some beautiful buildings and they built some really beautiful buildings. REPORTER: Would you make any recommendations to your friend Shinzo Abe? TRUMP: No, no. They are very smart. They are going to make their own. But I like that better than having empty stadiums all over the place. I think you cancel it and have it a year later, that’s a better alternative than doing it with no crowd… REPORTER: How did you greet the Prime Minister of Ireland? We didn’t shake hands today. We looked at each other and said what are we going to do? It’s sort of a weird feeling. You know I just got back from India. And I didn’t shake any hands there, it was easy because they go like this (makes namaste hands) and Japan goes like this (bows). They were ahead of the curve, okay.

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