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Trump: U.S. Tougher To Deal With Than North Korea, We Have Pelosi And People That Don’t Love Our Country


President Trump discusses cancel culture push to remove statues, Democrat-run cities in crisis, support for stop and frisk policing, the economic threat from China, response to coronavirus pandemic with Sean Hannity in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In this clip, Trump addresses the dismissal of Gen. Michael Flynn’s case and dealing with Democrats.

HANNITY:  You’ve mentioned General Flynn. We saw Peter Strzok’s notes – now a lot of it was redacted, and my sources have been telling me – and this program —   TRUMP:  A big step (ph).   HANNITY:  I’ve devoted almost three years to unpeeling every layer of the onion.   In fact, what we now know is that there was that January 5th meeting in the Oval Office. Barack Obama was there, Joe Biden was there – Barack said he wants only our people on this.   In other words, the day before, General Flynn was exonerated, the case was going to be closed. Then Joe Biden brought up the Logan Act, which you mentioned earlier – 1799 law that nobody has ever been prosecuted for.   Now, not only was it that, we’ve now learned that there was premeditated fraud on a FISA Court to spy on you as a candidate, you when you and your transition team —   (CROSSTALK)   HANNITY:  And deep into your presidency.   And James Comey signed three of the four warrants, but he came to you after he signed the first one, in Trump Tower, and said — well again, now we know the bulk of information was Hillary’s dirty Russian, disinformation dossier —   TRUMP:  She paid a lot of money for.   HANNITY:  — she paid for it, they knew it. They said they’d verified it. It turned out to be all untrue. But it ended up for you to be – and the country, a three year nightmare.   My question though is this, I mean, General Flynn lost four years of his life —   TRUMP:  Right.   HANNITY:  — Roger Stone is supposed to report to jail, and the jury foreperson in his case. Paul Manafort’s case was dead, and many people that worked for you paid how much in lawyer’s fees over this lie?   TRUMP:  Yes. So start in reverse order. Paul Manafort, they sent in a book, it looked like he got all sorts of cash. It turned out to be a fraud. What they did to that man – what they did to Paul Manafort — Roger Stone — what they’ve done to Roger Stone because he knew me. He wasn’t on the campaign except the very, very beginning. What they did with Roger Stone, what they did to General Flynn.   And how about Papadopoulos? I didn’t know Papadopoulos. But what they put him through. He turned out to be totally – they had a tape of his conversation that was supposed to be – this conversation was like, a perfect conversation.   They also have a tape of Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador, which is a normal thing to do. You’re going to have that position, you start calling up because you want to coordinate between countries.   And the tape was – as I said, with Russia, with the Ukrainian situation – it was a perfect tape. It was a perfect conversation that he had.   What they’ve done to General Flynn, who’s a nice man – tough guy, smart guy, a great general — I’ll tell you, General Milley said he’s one of the finest people. You know what he said, just a good man, Flynn.   What happened to him – the way they went after him. And, if you remember – you remember well, the FBI left, they said he did nothing wrong. They said he didn’t lie. They didn’t say he lied – they said he didn’t lie. They persecuted him —   HANNITY:  They threatened to put his son in – go after his son.   TRUMP:  They didn’t say he lied, they said he didn’t lie. They persecuted —   HANNITY:  They threatened to put his son in — go after his son.   TRUMP:  They said to me, what was the toughest — friends of mine — what’s the toughest country to deal with — who is it? Is it China, is it Russia, could it be North Korea? I said, no, it’s the United States of America, the toughest country to deal with.   We have Schumer and Pelosi and people that are bad people that I honestly believe don’t love our country. What they do to our country and what they’ve done with this scam — the whole scam, Flynn is a piece of it, the Mueller scam.   Now it came out that Mueller should have announced in the first week that we did nothing wrong. In other words, they had evidence in the first few days that there was no collusion with Russia. There was nothing to do with Russia.   They knew that immediately. He didn’t have to take two or two and a half years. They knew it immediately. What they’ve put this country through — Jeff Sessions was a disaster. He was a total disaster because he basically let it happen, unknowingly, because he’s not very smart. But they let it happen, and it’s a shame what they put this country through.

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