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Trump vs. CNN Reporter: “After Knowing The Truth For Days Now, You Bring Up The Old Lies”


President Trump tangles with a reporter at Sunday’s White House coronavirus task force briefing:

REPORTER: I also would like to ask some comments you made on Friday. You were talking about governors and states, you said, “want them to be appreciative.” PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I didn’t say that. REPORTER: You said if they don’t treat you right, “I don’t call.” These are direct quotes, sir. TRUMP: Excuse me. You ready? Take a look a lot what I said. I want them to be appreciative of me, okay? And then you cut it up. It is fake news. REPORTER: You and your administration. TRUMP: You just said it again. You no e the answer know the answer is a lie. REPORTER: I can read you the full comment. TRUMP: Your statement and your response and your answer is a lie. Here is the story, I said I want you to be appreciative of me and you go on and I go on and you cut it off. REPORTER: You said, “I want them to be appreciative, I don’t want them to say things that are not true. I want them to be appreciative. We have done a great job. I am not talking about me, I am talking about Mike Pence and the task course and the Army Corp. of Engineers. If they don’t treat me right, I don’t call.” TRUMP: I don’t call — I don’t call. I don’t call the governor of Washington. REPORTER: Why in this time — TRUMP: Mike Pence calls and FEMA calls. Did I ask Mike to do anything negative to the state of Washington? Michigan? I love that state, I love that state. So proud of what’s happening with the auto industry coming back to Michigan. No, I don’t have to call. I am probably better off not. We don’t get, he’s a failed presidential candidate the governor of Washington. He’s a nasty person, so you know who calls? Mike Pence. I get the head of FEMA and the admiral to call. What you did not say. You started it off and you talked about — I have to be appreciated. You said because if you don’t appreciate, you are not respecting these incredible people, the two admirals, you are not appreciating FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers who build 2,900 beds in three and a half days. You are not appreciating all the work that has been don’t and these incredible people that are delivering things in numbers that is nobody has ever seen. That’s why people are not watching CNN very much anymore. That’s why they don’t like it and your rating are no good. You, after knowing the truth for days now, you bring up the old lies. Read the rest of your question, the rest of your statement, you didn’t put in. You have to put that in. It said in there, FEMA it says Army Corps of Engineers because when they disrespect me, they are disrespecting our government. You know what — I don’t mind if I am disrespected but they can’t disrespect the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA. Please, go ahead. I want them to appreciate the incredible job we are doing. We are doing a job the likes of which never been done before. There are a couple of people that know that. But for political reasons, let’s say they are democrats, they don’t want to give this administration credits. It is okay. I don’t have to deal with them but our vice president is dealing with them. That is why CNN is not trusted anymore. They are fake news. CNN REPORTER: No we’re not. TRUMP: Yes, you are. Go ahead.

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