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Tucker Carlson: Elected Democrats Have Tacitly Endorsed Violence In Our Streets


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: It’s amazing how quickly a civilization can tumble backwards. That’s the most famous lesson of ancient Rome, whose fall was followed by 1,000 years of darkness. But as it turns out, it can happen anywhere. Just three months ago, this was a different country. Whatever its problems, America in May of 2020 was making good on its most basic principle: All men are created equal, in the eyes of God and under the laws of the United States. Millions of immigrants from around the world believed that was true. That’s why they came here. This country offered opportunity and safety to everyone, regardless of what they looked like. We were proud of that. We were right to be. Then, over Memorial Day, a man with a long criminal history died in police custody in Minneapolis. Our leaders responded to his death in an unexpected way: they decided that America itself was a lie. They decided this wasn’t a country founded on the promise of equality. Instead they told us that America was a 250-year-old exercise in oppression and cruelty. The American experiment never should have been conducted. So, in ways big and small, they began working feverishly to undo the country. It didn’t take long. Just twelve weeks later, here are the results. This is video shot late last night in Portland, Oregon, during a BLM rally at the city jail and police precinct. A mob surrounded a man and a woman in their car. They beat the woman to the ground. The couple fled for their lives. The mob chased them until they crashed into a building. Watch: *Woman from vehicle attacked by mob on side of road. As she escapes she is tackled from behind into the middle of the street.* *Car escapes while mob hangs on the side.* *Mob chasing after him*: He crashed into the building! *laughs* He crashed into the building! He crashed into the building. They’re rejoicing. Then they set upon the man. They drag him out of his truck and force him to sit on the ground, like a hostage. The man doesn’t fight back. He doesn’t resist in any way. Watch what happens next: After chasing the man down, the mob drags him from the truck, throws him to the ground and gruesomely kicks him in the head Portland, Early this morning. MOB: Back up. Back up my n*gga. Back up bro. Sit down. Sit on the ground. Sit the f*ck down. *slammed to the pavement* Sit the f*ck down. *Man tries to stand* MOB: Hey bro. You’re not leaving bro. You aint going nowhere. Put your ass down. Get your ass down n*gga. *Man shoved back down* *Mob punching man in the face as he sits on the ground* *Man runs up from behind and punts man in the head knocking him unconscious* They nearly killed him. They beat him unconscious. We just learned the man is still in the hospital tonight. The monster who kicked him in the head as he sat there defenseless, the cretin wearing the jacket that says security on it, hasn’t been arrested. Many on the internet seem to know who he is. But as of tonight, no arrests at all. That’s what Portland is like right now. A major American city has fallen to the mob. We’ve got much more video from Portland. Some of it we’re not going to show you. It’s too awful. The rest of the media are ignoring all of this. These are Joe Biden’s voters, screaming racial slurs as they kick people in the head. This is the media’s team. They don’t want you to know what non violent protests actually look like. When BLM lunatics call for the murder of police, and they do, the other networks act like it never happened. Here’s yet another clip CNN won’t be playing tonight: *Crazy clip from a Portland protest this weekend. Woman says cops should have been strangled to death in the womb and she’s ready to shoot them if she has to PERSON: Your mother’s umbilical cord should have wrapped around your neck and choked you the way you choked George Floyd, you filthy animals… I know you got a gun but so do I. Go ahead and shoot me. I’ll shoot you back. Am I lying my comrades? You shoot me, I’m gonna shoot you back… You need to be charged with murder. They need to hang you high. They need to send you to the electric chair and let you fry like a piece of burned bacon. For months, elected Democrats have tacitly endorsed violence in our streets. They watched it happen, but they refused to condemn it. Jerry Nadler just pretended he had no idea what you were talking about. This weekend, they dropped the pose. The blurry line between violent mob and Democratic office-holders disappeared completely. Here’s John Thompson, a Democratic statehouse candidate in Minnesota. Thompson isn’t a fringe candidate. He’s won the endorsement of the state’s Democratic governor, Tim Walz, its attorney general, Keith Ellison, as well as congresswoman Ilhan Omar. But Thompson isn’t simply a Democratic candidate. He’s also a violent thug. Here’s Thompson the other day, threatening a family, women and children, at their home: (JOHN THOMPSON, WON PRIMARY FOR 67-A IN ST. PAUL, SCREAMS AND CURSES AT HOME OF POLICE UNION LEADER IN HUGO, MN.) THOMPSON: “I’m a black man being terrorized by this f*cking klansman right here. We are terrorized by the grand wizard. Y’all got the grand wizard living in your god damn neighborhood. The klan existed in Hugo, Minnesota. Don’t run now. Don’t run now racist white people. I’m here. Oh yea we pull up. We pull the f*ck up… Blue lives ain’t shit. If people of Hugo don’t support black people, f*ck Hugo, Minnesota. A normal political party would expel someone like this immediately. A normal country would arrest him. Democrats allowed Thompson to write a cynical non-apology, in which he concedes that his threats of violence against young women were, quote, not helpful. Thompson was allowed to do this because Democratic leaders agree with him. Here’s Kamala Harris explaining that people like Thompson are the good guys. Everyone else is a bigot. They deserve what they get: KAMALA HARRIS: You have one ticket that can say the phrase Black Lives Matter and another who has full-time sowing hate and division in our country. In case that endorsement of violence in the streets was too subtle for you, here’s Massachusetts congresswoman Ayanna Pressley openly calling for political terrorism. She said this on Saturday: PRESSLEY: Hold them accountable. Make the phone calls, send the emails, show up. There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives, and unfortunately, there’s plenty to go around. There needs to be unrest in the streets, Pressley said. A day later, a man was beaten nearly to death in Portland, apparently for the way he looked. Pressely supports this. Today, Pressley spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and praised cities like Portland for, quote, rising up. They’re not pretending any more. Here’s what rising up looked like in Seattle last week. (VIDEO: Seattle BLM protesters demand white people ‘give up’ their homes last week.) WOMAN: Give up your house. Give black people back their homes. You’re sitting there comfortably – comfortable as fuck as if they didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood. He (another protester) used to live in their neighborhood. I can’t live here and my family was pushed out and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends. MAN: SO let’s not act like you are just oblivious to this shit because you knew about it all along and you were ok with it. Guess what? We’re not. And we’re bringing it to your front fucking door. What the fuck do you plan to do about it? WOMAN: The guy in the window is calling the police. MAN: I don’t care. We don’t like the way you look. Give us your house. That just happened. Where is the so-called civil rights division at the Justice Department. Do they think this is OK? Would it be OK if the colors were reversed? No? Then it’s not ok in this case. Equality is a universal principle. It can’t be selectively defended, or it means nothing. Which is to say, it means nothing. Our leaders no longer care about equality. As of tonight, some Americans aren’t even allowed to drive on city streets. Take a look at this video from New York City: (VIDEO: Random NYC driver screamed at for daring to drive near BLM protesters blocking the road) BLM guy with megaphone: Move the f*ck back now. Move the f*ck back now! Move the f*ck back bro. Move the f*ck back! BLM woman: You dumb f*cks. BLM guy: I will deadass smash your car bro. Ask me if I give a f*ck. Ask me if I give a f*ck. Get the f*ck out. Right f*cking now. You don’t give a f*ck about black lives you piece of shit.” To pass the roadblock, you have to first swear allegiance to their specific political faction. If you don’t, they threaten to hurt you. But this isn’t Beirut, really. We promise. It’s New York City. Everything’s fine. Where is the federal government tonight? Don’t they have a constitutional obligation to ensure that your civil rights aren’t violated for the way you look? They do. But they’re terrified too. No one wants to be criticized for opposing the mob. So they close their eyes and hope it goes away. But it won’t. Meanwhile, America tumbles backwards.

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