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Tucker Carlson: Left Uses Fires For Climate Misinformation, See Human Suffering As A Means To Increase Power


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Massive wildfires continue to sweep across huge portions of the Pacific Northwest. In Oregon, half a million residents have been forced to evacuate — one our of every ten people in the state. Dozens are dead tonight, including small children. But the fires still aren’t close to contained. Watch this report from Fox’s Jeff Paul: (VIDEO REPORT) And it continues as we speak, walls of flame consuming everything in their path: homes, animals, human beings. Tragedy on a massive scale. When something this awful happens, decent people pause. They put aside their own interests for a moment. They consider how they can help. We’ve seen that kind of selflessness before. This is, remember, the anniversary of 9-11. But there are others for whom altruism is an alien concept. Self-interest is all they know. These people never pause. They relentlessly press for any advantage, under any circumstances. They see human suffering as a means to increase their power. These are the people who turn funerals into political rallies, and feel no shame for doing it. As Americans burned to death, people like this swung into action immediately. They went on television with a partisan talking point: Climate change caused these fires, they said. They didn’t explain how that happened. They just kept saying it. In the hands of Democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky: you can’t see it, but it’s everywhere, and it’s deadly. And, like systemic racism, it’s your fault: The Amercian middle class did it. They ate too many hamburgers, drove too many SUVs, had too many children. A lot of them wear t-shirts to work, and didn’t finish college. That causes climate change too. And, worst of all, some of them may vote for Donald Trump in November. If there’s anything that absolutely, definitively causes climate change – and literally over a hundred percent of scientists agree with this established fact – it’s voting for Donald Trump. You might as well start a tire fire. Your destroying the ozone layer. Joe Biden has checked the science, and he agrees. Yesterday, the people on Biden’s staff who understand the internet tweeted out an image of the wildfires, along with the message, “Climate change is already here – and we’re witnessing its devastating effects every single day. We have to get President Trump out of the White House.” Again, by voting for Donald Trump, you’ve made hundreds of thousands of Oregonians homeless tonight. You’ve killed people. Joe Biden’s closest friend in the world, a prominent Martha’s Vineyard kite-surfer called Barack Obama, echoed that message with his trademark restraint. Obama declawed that your “life” depends on voting for Joe Biden. Hold on a minute, you might say. Doesn’t this very same Barack Obama own a $12 million spread right on the ocean in Massachusetts? At a time when sea levels are rising so we’re we’re about to see killer whales in the Rockies? Honestly, it doesn’t seem like Obama is overly concerned about climate change? And by the way, didn’t he go to law school? When he did become a climate expert? Those seem like good questions. But lawyers pretending to be scientists are now everywhere in the Democratic Party. Here’s the governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, a proud graduate of Willamette University law school, explaining that he’s already figured out the “cause” of the fires. Watch: INSLEE: Fires are proof we need a stronger liberal agenda Sept 8 TRT: 18 Inslee: And these are conditions that are exacerbated by the changing climate that we are suffering. And I do not believe that we should surrender these subdivisions or these houses to climate change-exacerbated fires. We should fight the cause of these fires. This is a crock. In fact, there is not a single scientist on earth who knows whether, or by how much, these fires may have been “exacerbated” by warmer temperatures caused by “climate change,” whatever that means anymore. All we have is conjecture from a handful of scientists, none of whom have reached any definitive conclusions. Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA, for example, has admitted that it’s, quote, “hard to determine whether climate change played a role in sparking the fires.” Meanwhile, investigators have determined that the massive El Dorado fire in California, which has torched nearly 14,000 acres, was caused by morons setting off some kind of fireworks. And then on Wednesday, police announced that a criminal investigation is underway into the massive Almeda fire in Ashland, Oregon. The sheriff there said it’s too early to say what caused the fire, but he’s said human remains were found at the suspected origin point. Nothing is being ruled out, including arson. The more you know, the more complicated it is, like everything. Serious people are just beginning to gather evidence to determine what happened to cause this disaster. But at the same time, unserious people are now everywhere on the media right now, drowning out nuance. Don’t worry about the facts, they say. Just trust us — the sky orange is orange over San Francisco because households making $40,000 a year made the mistake of voting for a Republican. Therefore you must hand us total control of the nation’s economy. Watch amateur arson detective Nancy Pelosi explain: PELOSI: Mother Earth is angry. She’s telling us, whether she’s telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the west, whatever it is, the climate crises is real and has an impact. Mother Nature is angry. Please. When was the last time Nancy Pelosi went outside? No one asked her. All we know is what she said: climate change caused this. Of course. No matter the natural disaster – hurricanes, tornadoes, whatever — climate change did it. Keep in mind, Nancy Pelosi owns two sub-zero freezers. They cost $10,000 a piece. We know because she showed them off on national television. Those use a lot of energy. Like Barack Obama, she constantly flies private between her multi-million dollar estates all over the country. Obviously, she doesn’t care about climate change. And neither do her supporters — otherwise, they’d be trying to destroy the mansions she owns, not the hair salons that expose her hypocrisy. For the left, this is really about blaming and ritually humiliating the middle-class for the election of Donald Trump. Joe Biden knows that the Pennsylvanians who would be financially ruined by his fracking ban are the same Pennsylvanians who flipped the state red in 2016 for the first time in a generation. That’s the whole point. One of the reasons Joe Biden is barely allowed outside is that he has no problem showing his contempt for the middle-class he supposedly cares so much about. In 2019 he openly mocked coal miners, and suggested they just get programming jobs once they’re all fired. Watch: BIDEN: I come from a family, an area where’s coal mining – in Scranton. Anybody, that can go down 300 to 3,000 feet in a mine, sure as hell can learn how to program as well. Learn to code! Hilarious. Joe Biden should try it. But there isn’t time. The world is ending. Last summer, Sandy Cortez did the math and calculated we only have 12 years left to live. If that sounds bad, consider this — Just four months after that warning, Sandy Cortez tweeted that we only have 10 years to “cut carbon emissions in half. Think about the math here. We lost two years in just four months. At that rate, we could literally all die unless Joe Biden wins in November. Which is of course what they’re saying. On Tuesday, California Gavin Newsom pretty much said it Newsom abandoned science long ago. Science is too stringent, too western, too patriarchal. Newsom is a man of faith now. He’s decided climate change caused all of this, and that’s final. He’s not listening to any other arguments. Watch: NEWSOM: I have no patience. And I say this lovingly, not as an ideologue, but as someone who prides himself on being open to argument, interested in evidence. But I quite literally have no patience for climate change deniers. It simply follows completely inconsistent, that point of view, with the reality on the ground. People like Gavin Newsom don’t want to listen to any “climate change deniers.” What’s a “climate change denier?” Anyone who thinks our ruling class has no idea how to run their states or protect their citizens. Are we climate change deniers” if we point out that California has failed to implement meaningful deforestation measures that would have dramatically slowed the spread of these wildfires? In 2018, a state oversight agency in California found that years of poor or nonexistent forest management policies in the Sierra Nevada forests had contributed to wildfires. One of the few Republicans who still holds elected office in California, state Assemblyman Heath Flora, last year called on using the state’s $22 billion budget surplus to implement vegetation management. Fires don’t spread as well without huge connected forests functioning as kindling. It’s obvious, which is why it’s unthinkable to mention it in some Democratic circles. Presumably, you’re also a climate-change denier if you point out that six of the Oregon National Guard’s wildfire-fighting helicopters are currently in Afghanistan. Instead of dropping water to suppress blazes, the Chinook aircraft are busy supplying a war effort that’s been going on for nearly 20 years. That seems significant. Has anyone asked Gavin Newsom or Jay Inslee about that? Do any of the Democrats who control these states even care? The answer, of course, is probably not. It was just last week that Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti admitted on-the-record that his city has become completely third-world. Of course, Garcetti didn’t blame himself for this turn of events. He blamed you. Quote: “It’s almost 3 p.m,” Garcetti tweeted. “Time to turn off major appliances, set the thermostat to 78 degrees (or use a fan instead, turn off excess lights and unplug any appliances you’re not using. We need every Californian to help conserve energy. Please do your part.” “Please do your part.” Garcetti wants his constituents to suffer to try to solve a problem that Democrats in his state created. Even now, as residents in Northern California are facing sweeping power outages in addition to wildfires. In the meantime, Gavin Newsom has vowed that 50 percent of California’s energy grid will be based on quote “renewable” energy sources within a decade. That means sources like wind and solar power — which can’t be dialed up to meet periods of extreme demand, like California is seeing right now during its heat wave. Newsom was asked last month whether he would consider revising this stance given the blackouts that have left millions Californians without power. Newsom responded, quote, We are going to radically change the way we produce and consume energy.” In other words, The blackouts will continue until morale improves. So will the wildfires. Get used to it.

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