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Tucker Carlson Warns: Biden Could Refuse To Debate Trump


The ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host decried “the most cynical election strategy ever devised” during his monologue Wednesday night. “Imagine Biden spending six hours on stage with Donald Trump trading jabs on live television,” Carlson asked his audience. “Oh, he can’t do that. So he’s not going to do that. Instead, they’re going to keep Joe Biden hidden behind a curtain … It’s all pretty shocking if you think about it.” “When you criticize them, they won’t engage with you. They don’t bother to rebut your point. They attack you,” he said. “Joe Biden himself attacked this show today, in fact. He didn’t respond to the questions that we raised, he just called us names and then his minions tried to pull us off the air.” “We survived,” Carlson added, “because thank God we work here [at Fox News].” “Biden will pick some running mate whose identity makes it impossible for anyone to criticize her, and then they will describe any criticism of their governance as a hate crime,” he said. “We got a taste of that for eight years under Barack Obama. You know how it works.” “Of course they been doing it for years on college campuses and in corporate diversity seminars — any place where they have total control. Now the entire American population is getting the very same treatment.”

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