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Tucker Carlson: Was All This Coronavirus Spending Worth It? What Will We Get In Return?


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Doctor Anthony Fauci testified before Congress today to explain how much longer mass quarantines must last, and what other sacrifices the rest of us need to make in order to fight the Wuhan coronavirus. Fauci has never been elected to anything, and yet many of our leaders believe that his every word is tantamount to law. Just how wise is this man? Does he know what he’s talking about? We’ll let you decide in just a minute. But first: No matter how long these lockdowns go on, we’re starting to see the outlines of the damage they’ve caused so far. A recent working paper released by the Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago concludes that, out of the at least 33 million Americans jobs that have disappeared recently, more than 40 percent will be gone forever. Those jobs will never return, even once all government restrictions are lifted. If that turns out to be true, it would mean nearly 14 million Americans languishing in long-term unemployment. During the Great Recession, whose effects we feel even now, job losses peaked at about 10 million. This is an unprecedented disaster for American families. Thanks to a series of ugly changers to the American economy, even before the pandemic, many people were stuck in jobs with lower pay, and fewer benefits, than the ones they lost a decade ago. Millions have no savings, and are suffocating beneath mountains of student loan and credit card debt. This was already a country with declining life expectancy, growing inequality, a fading middle class. The coronavirus pandemic accelerated those trends. Our job now – our main job, before anything else – is to fix that damage. Our country’s future depend on it. So that’s the sad backdrop to the House of Representatives’ new, eighteen hundred-page coronavirus relief bill, which was just released today. Anything our congress does right now must, first and foremost, prevent ordinary people from slipping beneath the waves. In a statement today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi assured voters that her bill will do just that: (Pelosi SOT: We can all agree that we must open our economy as quickly as we can, but we must do so based on science and data. (edit) And we must do so in a way that reaches all Americans, in a way that addresses the disparities we have seen so that we can assess the full extent of the coronavirus and defeat it (edit) We all know that we must put more money in the pockets of the American people. This is not only necessary for their survival, but it is also a stimulus to the economy. Direct payments, unemployment insurance, rental and mortgage help and food and student loan assistance, among other things, are essential to relieve the fear that many families are facing.) The estimated price tag for everything in Pelosi’s bill is three trillion dollars. That’s close to 90 percent of the country’s entire annual tax revenue. This comes close on the heels of our last coronavirus relief bill, which cost about two trillion dollars. And of course, our usual annual spending hasn’t disappeared. That’s a lot of expenses. Every single dollar will have to be borrowed. When the smoke clears from all this spending, only China will be able to bail us out. They’ll have to. They’re the only ones who can afford it. China has the strongest balance sheet in the world. At that point, we’ll be their vassals. Is is worth it? What will we get in return for this? We spent all day reading Pelosi’s bill to find out. Here’s what’s in it: First and most glaringly, with more than 30 million Americans out of work, the last thing we need is more illegal low-wage labor from abroad. Yet this bill goes out of its way to supply illegal immigrants – who, in case you need reminding, have no legal right to be here in the first place – with billions in taxpayer dollars. According to House Democrats, illegal immigrants must have the $1200 checks American citizens received in the last coronavirus bill. They would also receive the same direct payments as citizens going forward. So it’s a huge payoff to the Democratic Party’s most cherished constituency, a group that’s not even allowed to be here. And then it goes on. The bill also contains an amnesty provision. For the duration of the coronavirus crisis – and they’d like to see that last a very long time – all illegal immigrants employed in so-called essential services will be shielded from deportation and employers can hire them without breaking any laws. Don’t be fooled: This isn’t about protecting doctors who are providing critical medical care. Current essential workers is a huge category. It includes employees in food services, laundry services, waste management, child care, agriculture transportation, restaurants, as well as any retail worker at a location that sells food or beverages. This is a blanket amnesty for pretty much every illegal alien who’s already taken an American job. Once that amnesty is granted, it will never be taken away. Bet on that. At that point, there will be no more debate about illegal immigration. The issue will be settled, permanently. Democrats will win every presidential election for the rest of your children’s lives. That’s the point of this. But the bill keeps going. It would automatically extend current guest worker visas, while raising the ceiling for additional ones. Democrats have branded the bill the HEROES ACT. They’re bragging that it will help health care workers. But as of tonight, thousands of American health care workers are being furloughed or fired. This bill orders D-H-S to expedite visa processing for foreigners who want to come to the U.S. to work in medical fields. Got that? American health care workers could be laid off, and then replaced by foreigners willing to work for less. What’s happened in so many other industries will happen to our health care system. Sorry, unemployed Americans. Better get used to drawing a government check. And then there’s the long section about drugs. This bill is strongly in favor of drugs, probably because when you’re high, you’re less likely to think about what else is in it. The bill mentions cannabis 68 times. It orders the federal government to produce an annual report on, quote, expanding access to financial services for minority-owned and women-owned cannabis-related legitimate businesses. Democrats would like to see more drug sales in minority neighborhoods. Keep in mind, these are the people calling you racist. The bill makes it clear they still think you are. The bill mentions diversity at least 20 times. It would order all federal government agencies, to the greatest extent possible, to hold deposits in minority-owned banks. What does a pandemic have to do with race politics? Stupid question. In the Democratic Party, everything has to do with race politics, all the time. It’s how they get keep power. Race politics is the only program they have – that, and more crime and censorship. This bill, believe it or not, also contains a prison break provision: It orders the release of every federal prisoner who has asthma, diabetes, or is over 50, unless the Bureau of Prisons affirmatively proves the inmate is likely to commit violence. Unbelievable. And here’s the censorship part, part of a growing and ominous theme: The bill directs a million dollars to the National Science Foundation to study coronavirus quote misinformation. In other words, shut up and stop disagreeing with our pronouncements. That’s not allowed. Take another hit on your government-sponsored dab pen and submit. That’s the message. But for the favored few – the Democratic Party’s donor class – the bill is far more gentle. It would repeal the cap on state and local tax deductions. That would help almost exclusively high-income households in high-tax blue states – the beating heart of the Democratic electorate. Amazingly, the bill would also make lobbying shops in D.C. eligible for small business loans from the federal government. Lobbyists. Because you can’t leave them out. My gosh. Who wrote this thing? Not scientists, obviously. Lobbyists and ideologues wrote it – the same people who control the Democratic Party. The same people who badly want to control America.

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