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Upcycled Leather Sneakers – The ‘Scooter One’ Shoes Keep Feet Cool and Dry with Special Fabric (TrendHunter.com)


The ‘Scooter One’ shoes are a minimalist sneaker style that aims to change footwear perceptions and offer consumers an alternative option when looking for their next casual pair. The sneakers feature an inner lining that is achieved using merino wool and Tencel, which helps to wick moisture away from the feet, regulate temperature and keep wearers feeling comfortable for longer. The soles on the sneakers are constructed with a mix of 90% natural rubber along with 10% recycled rubber to make them a more sustainable alternative to others on the market that only use virgin synthetic materials.

The ‘Scooter One’ shoes are rounded out with the proprietary Prime Fiber Leather, which is constructed from upcycled scrap leather and vegan leather for a durable, less wasteful alternative.

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