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Vitamin-Enriched Vegan Skincare – Holland & Barrett’s Vitaskin Targets Aging & Blemishes (TrendHunter.com)


Holland & Barrett’s Vitaskin shares vitamin-rich plant-based skincare solutions to enhance a natural glow, specifically with a focus on Vitamins A and C. The new vegan skincare collection promises to appeal to cost- and ingredient-conscious consumers who are searching for clean beauty products at an affordable price, as the range shares products from £15 to £18. The vegan skincare collection targets concerns like aging and blemishes with potent natural ingredients and skin-friendly vitamins.

While Vitamin C is known for its brightening benefits and ability to speed up cell regeneration, Vitamin A helps skin look firmer and more radiant. As Holland & Barrett describes, “used together they’re skincare superstars.” In the range, consumers will find that Holland & Barrett’s own-brand vegan skincare includes the Vitamin A Resurfacing Mask, the Vitamin C Illuminating Oil and more.

Image Credit: Holland & Barrett

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