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Warren: The Core Of The Democratic Party Will Never Trust Bloomberg, He Is “The Riskiest Candidate”


GAYLE KING, CBS NEWS: Senator Warren I am coming to you. (APPLAUSE) I want to direct this question to you because you–because Mayor Bloomberg has said he God in this race late because he doesn’t believe that any of you on stage can be Donald Trump. You said Mayor Bloomberg is not the safest candidate, he is the riskiest candidate. What did you mean by that? SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN: I mean that Mayor Bloomberg–let’s think of it this way. We are here in Charleston and you know who’s going to be in Charleston later this week is Donald Trump. He’s going to be here to raise money for his buddy Senator Lindsey Graham. Who funded Lindsey Graham’s campaign for reelection last time? It was Mayor Bloomberg and that is not the only right-wing senator that Mayor Bloomberg has funded. In 2016 he dumped $12 million into the Pennsylvania Senate race to help reelect an anti-choice right-wing Republican Senator. And I just want to say the woman challenger was terrific; she lost by a single point. In 2012 he scooped into tried to defend another Republican Senator against a woman challenger. That was me. It didn’t work but he tried hard. (APPLAUSE) I don’t care how much money Senate–Mayor Bloomberg has. The core of the Republic–of the Democratic Party will never trust him. He has not earned their trust. I will. And the fact that he cannot earn the trust of the core of the Democratic Party means he is the riskiest candidate standing on the stage. KING: All right, Senator Warren. Thank you. Mayor Bloomberg would you like to respond? Mayor Bloomberg? FORMER NEW YORK CITY MAYOR MIKE BLOOMBERG: I have been training for this job since I stepped on the pile that was still smoldering on 9/11. I know what to do. I have shown I know how to run a country. I’ve run the city which is almost the same size as–bigger than most countries in the world. I am not the — I am the one choice that makes some sense. I have the experience. I have the resources and I have the record and all of those sideshows that the senator wants to bring up have nothing to do with that. When the people hired me to run New York City three times in an overwhelmingly Democratic progressive city they elected me again and again.

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