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Waste Prevention Soap Cases – The ‘ScrubsUp’ Soap Case Extends the Life of Shampoo Bars (TrendHunter.com)


The ‘ScrubsUp’ soap case is an eco-friendly solution for those who use shampoo bars that will help them to extend the life of the cosmetic product and keep it fresh for daily use. The case is crafted from recycled plastic and features strategically placed holes that will allow excess moisture to be drained out, while also allowing it to be air-dried when not being transported. The unit will provide a leakproof functionality when being toted around with a traveler and has a magnetic design that can be linked with additional cases to keep all cleansing bars connected.

The ‘ScrubsUp’ soap case is a low-cost solution to extending the life of cosmetic products that will work effectively on a day-to-day basis as well as for avid travelers.

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