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WH’s McEnany: “A National Oval Office Address Is Not Going To Stop Antifa”


FOX NEWS: White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tells ‘Fox & Friends’ that President Trump has taken every single possible action to assure that America’s streets are safe as calls grow for him to give a national address to condemn the violence.

STEVE DOOCY, FOX & FRIENDS CO-HOST: Let’s bring in White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who joins us from the White House complex. Good morning to you, Kayleigh. KAYLEIGH MCENANY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY:  Good morning.   DOOCY:  I see on the president’s public schedule he does have a video conference with America’s governors today, to try to figure out what’s going on.   You know, people from all across the country are looking in, this is the time we look to our leader, we want this to stop.  How does the president fix this?   MCENANY:  Yes, this president has been very clear that we need law and order in this country.  He’s taken extraordinary action, talking about activating the National Guard, as we saw happen in Minnesota.  Criminalizing interstate travel that is geared towards inciting violence, making sure that those individuals are prosecuted.  Labeling Antifa as a domestic terrorist entity that will be prosecuted as such.     This president’s taken bold action, this is the law and order president.  Going back to his convention speech, he’s always been about law and order in this country and he’s taking every single possible action to ensure that our streets are safe, because what this does, this demeans the peaceful protestors who have a legitimate grievance.  When we see angry mob mentality take over and those horrific images of businesses burning and fires in the streets of this country.    AINSLEY EARHARDT, FOX & FRIENDS CO-HOST:  Kayleigh, I know many are asking the president to please give an Oval Office address on these riots because our country is just experiencing so much chaos right now.  Have there been conversations with him about that?  Do you think he’ll say yes to that?   MCENANY:  The president has addressed this repeatedly.  So, I looked and going back to the first day he saw this video, he has addressed the absolutely horrific video of George Floyd, he’s routinely addressed both in his remarks less than 48 hours ago, the issue of law and order in our streets.  He’s issued several statements.   But here’s the thing, Ainsley. A national Oval Office address is not going to stop Antifa.  What’s going to stop Antifa is action, and this president is committed to acting on this.  He has several meetings pertaining to that today and that’s his focus right now, is acting and keeping our streets safe.   BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX & FRIENDS CO-HOST:  So Kayleigh, I just — quick statement, I mean obviously we watch Antifa and some of their acts and we’ve seen this before, when there was a time in which we weren’t all wearing masks, they just were, and now we all are.    Mark Bray, who wrote a book on Antifa in 2017, pretty much the only one I’ve seen out there, says, quote, The idea that Antifa is masterminding what’s happening over the last few days, if you know anything about this subject, is ludicrous.   Is this an amorphous organization, instead just an ideology and are we giving them too much credit?    MCENANY:  I don’t think so.  You know, look, when you look at the Twitter feed of Antifa, you see that they are directing some of this.  When you look at the horrific graffiti that I see in the streets, it’s about overturning capitalism and really crude messages, they are certainly behind this.    A.G. Barr has mentioned to that effect and so has Ambassador O’Brien.  And criminalizing, making sure that they are labeled as domestic terrorists is so important.    Because as I noted at the top, there are legitimate peaceful protestors out there and I have seen them, I saw a video here in D.C. where a violent rioter was cobbling the street in an effort to throw bricks at police officers, and it was peaceful protestors that stopped this individual.   So, we’ve got to discern and distinguish this violent Antifa from the protestors who do have a legitimate grievance.

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