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Young Mother Tackled And Handcuffed For Trying To Ride NYC Subway Without A Mask


NY1 crime reporter Dean Meminger shared this video of a 22-year-old mother being tackled to the ground and handcuffed in front of her young child for trying to enter the subway without a face mask. Police report that in the time before the video began recording she had already been told to leave twice alr and threatened to cough on the officers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to the incident on Twitter:

WABC in New York reports:

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — A video posted on social media showing the NYPD arresting a 22-year-old mother with a child during a confrontation over wearing a mask is sparking calls for procedural changes in social distancing enforcement. The incident happened just before noon Wednesday inside the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center subway station, where police officers handing out masks encountered Kaleemah Rozier, who they say had a mask around her neck and immediately became belligerent when asked to put it on. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea… said she was twice escorted from the station but reentered via another staircase on both occasions. The third encounter quickly deteriorated, Shea said, as the woman tried to pull away and struck one of the officers. Police said one of the officers told her, “Do not do this in front of your kid ma’am.” She was placed under arrest, while another transit rider recorded the incident and begged police not to handle the woman roughly in front of her child. “She got a baby with her,” he can be heard saying. “That’s too much.” Read more…

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