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Zerlina Maxwell: White Americans That Want To Reopen Economy Don’t Care About Deaths Of Black And Brown People


MSNBC contributor Zerlina Maxwell accused white Americans that want to reopen the U.S. economy of not caring about the deaths of black and brown people.

AL SHARPTON: The impact on blacks disproportionately — the impact on the virus in terms of those that have been found positive — those that have died have been disproportionately on blacks and people of color — and you contrast that with what Errin (Haynes) is saying was going on in Georgia and other places with armed people marching on state houses like in Lansing, Michigan. All white — I didn’t see any blacks. If there were, there were only one or two in the crowd. What are we looking at here, Zerlina? In the middle of a pandemic — in the middle of a national emergency, why all of this racial contrast? Maxwell suggested that protesters became motivated to reopen the economy after discovering the virus hits minorities disproportionately: ZERLINA MAXWELL, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: One of the things I think is so, so interesting is as soon as the news media hit upon what Erin was talking about — the disproportionate impact on black and brown communities — you saw some white Americans say, “Well, now it’s time to open the economy” as if the deaths of black and brown people wasn’t enough to stay at home. It wasn’t enough of a reason to stay at home and keep everyone safe as if we are not as valued.

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